7 Signs That You’re Actually A Terrible Roommate

When you go to college, it’s nearly inevitable that you will be living in a room with someone else (which, in most cultures, they refer to as “having a roommate.”)

What you’ll soon come to realize is that, yes, the rumors are true–having a roommate is incredibly hard. It’s easy to pin all of the problems you’ll encounter onto your roommate (“She never makes her bed. I HATE HER.”) What’s harder is realizing if you, yourself, are the problem in the room. But how can you tell?

As you can see from these 7 signs, being a bad roommate lies in the extremes. Basically, if you dwell somewhere in the middle, you’ll be just fine:

You're The Messiest Person On The Planet

Take a look around your room. Is your laundry basket overflowing? Do you have week-old takeout containers laying around? Finally, what is the state of your bed--made or unmade? If you answered, yes, yes, and "Unrecognizable due to the fact that I use my bed as an official storage place, since my floor got too full," you might want to work on this before you move in with someone. You don't have to be, like, the God of cleanliness or anything. Just make sure that your stuff isn't so messy that it's literally swallowing your roommate's side of the room. You know, simple stuff.

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You're The Cleanest Person On The Planet

This is less terrible than living with a total slob, obviously, but only marginally so. If cleanliness and organization are your LIFE and you SNEER upon anyone who deigns to have a single item out of place or, god forbid, not color code their closet, please take a deep breath. Cleanliness is next to godliness, it is true, but no one likes it when you try to convert them.

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You LOVE Sharing Food (I.E. Eating Your Roommate's Food)

"Oh, they won't notice if I just take some of these kale chips," you think. "They don't eat them anyway. I deserve this." Stop. No, they will notice, and taking "just one thing" of food is a slippery slope, my friend. If you take just ONE snack, soon you'll stop subsisting on your own food. That's when they lock their snack drawer and/or kick you out of their room. Don't do it.

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You Refuse To Talk To Them

If you walk in after class, mutter "Hey," to your roommate, and not speaking another word to them for the rest of the night, you might want to work on this. As someone who often forgets to speak, I totally get how not saying anything doesn't necessarily mean you don't like a person, but not everyone gets that. Find out how their day was, see if they want to go to dinner with you, or ask what their plans are for the weekend. It's the little things, you know? No one wants to live with a mime! (Unless you are actually in Mime College, in which case I wish you and your craft the very best.)

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You Refuse To NOT Talk To Them

If you notice that every single time you walk into the room your roommate puts in their earbuds--the universal sign for DO NOT TALK TO ME OR ELSE--you might have a slight over-sharing problem. This is easy to solve, however--just think, does my roommate REALLY need to know this? If not, just take it to Twitter (no one really needs to know it there either, probably, but this way you aren't ruining an interpersonal relationship).

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You Don't Believe In Boundaries

Locking doors? Knocking? Wearing headphones when you watch Netflix or listen to music? You just don't see why other people bother, frankly. If this sounds like you, just keep in mind that you are, in fact, sharing a very limited space with another person, which means that boundaries are key. Just try to think about what you would want your roommate to do--One Direction is great, yes, but your roommate MIGHT not want to hear "Drag Me Down" on repeat when they're trying to study for their history final.

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You Like To Have...Guests

Obviously, there is nothing wrong with inviting over some hookups, FWBs, potential soulmates, et al every now and then. It's college. Why not? At the same time, however, there is *literally* nothing worse than trying to come home late at night and finding that you have been sexiled. Again. Be courteous and warn your roommate when this is happening or, if it happens a lot, just try to switch up your location.

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Have you ever had a roommate? Got any horror stories? Let us know in the comments below!
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