15 Quotes And Images That Will Change The Way You Think Of Feminism

Feminism has been having a big pretty moment in the media and society in general for the last few months. This is really great, because having a conversation about gender equality is always important, even if it may be controversial. However, while more celebrities are speaking up about feminism and we’re all discussing it more, some women still feel left out of this movement, and for good reason.

When talking about feminism, it’s important to remember that mainstream feminism very often caters to straight, cis-gender, white woman. As a straight, cis-gender, white woman myself, I don’t feel qualified to speak on behalf of black feminism, so I’ll leave it to this quote by our wonderful writer Ashley:

“Look: White women and black women don’t experience the world the same way. Neither do Native American women, Asian women, non-white Latina women, etc. How can feminism tackle the specific problems that are perpetuated against women of certain races and ethnicities if they’re being ignored? Why do people keep using the “women make 77 cents to a man’s dollar” statistic without acknowledging that black women make 64 cents to that dollar while Latinas make 54 cents. Intersectionality–understanding the various struggles that marginalized people experience–needs to be embraced in feminism or it is useless.” You can read more about Ashley’s views on feminism right here.

Thinking of feminism in this way may change the way you think about feminism as a whole – as it should! Ashley isn’t the only one speaking up. Here are 15 quotes and images that will change the way you think about feminism forever: 


1. Rowan Blanchard’s discussion about feminism and intersectionality:

Part 1. By me

A photo posted by Rowan Blanchard (@rowanblanchard) on

Part 2. By me

A photo posted by Rowan Blanchard (@rowanblanchard) on

Girl Meets World star Rowan Blanchard surprised everyone when she posted this short “essay” about feminism and intersectionality on her Instagram. If you’re confused about intersectionality, please read her post.


2. Tavi Gevinson’s thoughts on doing everything as a feminist:

In an interview for Dazed, Tavi said: Well, I am a feminist – I just think the label reflects my beliefs – but, you know, we say Rookie is a website for teenage girls, not a feminist website for teenage girls. That’s not because I’m not proud to call myself a feminist, but when you’re calling attention to a project, you can very easily be pigeonholed by choosing certain identifiers. And while 
I’m happy to talk about feminism and I’m happy that I’m a girl, I do sometimes feel like, ‘Why does everything I do have to be viewed through a lens of ‘feminist or not’?’

“Like, can’t I ever do or create anything just as a person? That’s a privilege that men have over women and white people have over people of colour. There’s an interview with Patti Smith in which she says something like, ‘People have always asked why I don’t say I’m a female musician, but you wouldn’t say Picasso is a male painter, he’s just a painter.’ So it’s definitely difficult finding the line – I want to remove the stigma around the word ‘feminist’ but also feel integrated into a community that’s larger than a group of likeminded feminist bloggers. For example, I was so happy about the review of Rookie Yearbook Two in Slate where they said, ‘People say Rookie is good for teenage girls, but it’s actually just good.”


3. Basically everything Amandla Stenberg says about feminism:


Amandla, who played Rue in The Hunger Games, recently used her platform to speak about feminism, white feminism, intersectionality, and racism. It is all worth reading.


4. Ariana Grande’s quote about how part of being a feminist is doing what you want.


Some people are too quick to be judgmental. Ariana reminds us that an important part of feminism is having the ability to express ourselves the way we want, not the way other people want to see us.


5. Feminism doesn’t mean you don’t want men to have power.



6. Zooey Deschanel’s quote about how you can be feminine AND a feminist.


7. The most basic definition of feminism:


Why is this so hard to understand?


8. This specific Rowan Blanchard quote that is so important:



9. This video that will clear up your confusion about intersectionality:



10. Emma Watson’s video on gender inequality in the fashion world:



11. What Matt McGorry says about inequality:

If you’ve been following me for at least the past 5 weeks, you may have noticed that I’m a newb to the fight for gender…

Posted by Matt McGorry on Wednesday, April 15, 2015

It can be difficult to be a woman and listen to men talk about feminism. But Matt McGorry almost always gets it right.


12. This image showing how feminism means a choice, not what you look like:


13. This post that explains the issue of white feminism:



14. This simple quote that once again explains being feminine and being a feminist is possible.



15. And this one showing why you should say the word “feminist.”



What are your thoughts on feminism? What did we forget to include? What do you disagree with? Tell me in the comments.

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