Just Try And Pick Between These 9 Awkward In-School Hookups

By the time you reach a certain point in your educational career–say, the ripe old peak of sophomore year or so–your school seems to shrink tenfold, particularly in regards to people to date and/or hook up with. Once you get there, every single potential suitor seems to be romantically connected to someone that makes them a minefield of drama, whether it’s your BFF or longstanding nemesis.


Maybe that’s why people in middle and high school don’t really date in the conventional ways anymore. Either way, you get to live out all of the most awkward in-school hookups and dates in this game of would you rather! Play it…if you dare:

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What was the hardest question for you? What’s the most awkward in-school hookup you could ever encounter? Let us know in the comments below!

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