13 Dirty Jokes From Cartoon Network Shows That Will Ruin Your Childhood

Cartoon Network is kind of known for pushing the boundaries with its shows. Their shows have always been a little risqué. While the shows that air on Cartoon Network today are a bit more tame, the cartoons from the ’90s were all kinds of messed up. Don’t believe me?

Check out these seriously inappropriate jokes you missed as a kid:

1. That time Buttercup slipped condoms in Professor X’s pocket before a date:

She doesn’t say condoms, but she slyly says “some of these.” What else could she be talking about??

2. This entire scene:

This is so pornographic.

3. This joke:


4. This horrifying penis joke:

“Witness the coming of MASCUMAX! Step forth and bring thy manhood against my own, so we can see who has the upper hand on the measuring stick!”

5. These literal “carpet munchers” in Cow and Chicken:


6. This virgin joke in Johnny Bravo:

Not subtle at all.

7. This sex joke in Johnny Bravo:

50 Shades of Bravo.

8. That time Dexter’s dad needed his “special daddy time” in the bathroom:


9. That time Dexter hired a prostitute:

She also dressed up like Dee Dee, which was creepy.

10. And this actual trophy wife:

Yeah, that’s not sexist at all.

11. This casual masturbation moment in Ed, Edd, n’ Eddy:


12. Also, this note that says “Don’t Touch Yourself”:


13. That time Muriel thought she was in a naughty men’s club in Courage the Cowardly Dog:

Stop it.

Which one is the worst? What other dirty jokes are hidden in Cartoon Network cartoons? Tell us in the comments below!

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12 inappropriate jokes from Nickelodeon cartoons that will scar you for life

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    I remember one time on Mixels there was a very obvious euphemism for r***.

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