7 Baggy And Baggy Clothes That Look Good On Every Body Type

As a girl who is tall, curvy, and big busted, I find baggy and boxy clothes intimidating. I love the way a boxy shirt looks on the model in the photo, but I wonder if it’ll look wonky on my own body. I love the look of an oversized tent dress, but I wonder if I need to be super waif to pull it off. Whether or not something is flattering on a certain body type or not is all based on perception. Sure, I think that dresses with a shape look better on my body type, but I’ll be damned if somebody tells me I don’t have the right legs to wear skinny jeans. See how that works? I think it’s so silly to decide that certain things are only good on certain body types.

Sorry, rant over, back to baggy clothes. Lately, I’ve seen flowy and shapeless clothing that looks good on literally any body type–from the ultra skinny, to plus sized and proud–and I’m so excited about it. It’s time to take the plunge and check out clothes that honestly can be styled awesomely no matter what kind of body type you have. Here are seven examples that you might want to add to your wish list.

Tent Dresses

Don't side eye tent dresses. I can vouch that this one in particular from American Apparel is magical. Over the last year I've seen three different people of various body types wear this dress...and look amazing in it. If you're self-conscious about the spaciousness, you can throw a belt around it to give it more shape. But honestly? With some awesome chunky sandals or boots and some fun accessories, you won't feel the need. You'll look rad.

Buy it at American Apparel for $45

Oversized Button Ups

One-size fits all items can be so sus, especially when they end up being small. But if you find a one-size fits all button up that's actually spacious, grab it. Whether you're flat chested or have a huge chest, you'll be able to get really creative with a piece like this. You can wear it as a dress or as an oversized shirt on top of some leggings or skinny jeans. Or, you can tuck it into your skirt or pants. Alternatively, you can just wear it as a billow overshirt. The choice is yours!

Buy it at American Apparel for $29

Mom Jeans

So some think skinny jeans are for skinny people and everyone else has to wear--I don't know--boot cut jeans? Blech, give me a break. Mom jeans are a happy medium between the two and look great on curvy and not so curvy folks. Tuck in a top and you're solid.

Buy it at ASOS for $40 in plus sizes and regular sizes.

Boxy Crop Tops

ATTENTION: YOU CAN PULL OFF A BOXY CROP TOP EVEN IF YOU HAVE A LARGE CHEST! Yeah, that's a photo of your's truly rocking one, and my chest is huge. They look awesome with anything high waist--skirts, pants, shorts--so give it a shot if you're shy! If you don't have a large chest, well, I hope you have several of these tops in your closet already. They look so cute.

Buy it at Toy Syndrome for $50


Listen, as long as it fits, a kimono will look super cute on your bod, girl. If you're going for a boho, ethereal look, throw on your kimono and hit the road. Billowy and boho isn't just for runway models.

Buy it at Forever 21 for $24.90

Shirt Dresses

Literally anybody can rock a shirt dress with enough nerve. I think that the material matters a lot, though. A thinner, silkier material looks a lot better on everyone than a massive, heavy cotton number. See? Minimalism can work with any body type.

Buy it at ASOS for $63


I see so many baggy, wide leg overalls for "regular" sizes, but I rarely find any for plus sizes! I don't know why, because as long as it's a nice material, a slightly baggy, wide leg overall looks awesome on plus size bodies too (as pictured). For extra glam, no matter what your body type is, pair with some heeled shoes and wear a crop top underneath.

Buy it at Forever 21 for $34.90 in plus sizes and regular sizes.

What do you wear even though society tells you that you don’t have the right body for it? What other styls would you like to see highlighted in this feature? Tell us in the comments!

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