12 Reasons Spencer And Toby Are The Worst Couple Ever

Spencer and Toby, or Spoby, on Pretty Little Liars are definitely a fan favorite couple. Everyone loves them together and thinks they’re the definition of relationship goals. Guys, I have some bad news: Spoby kinda sucks. I do believe that opposites attract, but Spencer and Toby have nothing in common except for their penchant for lying.

Here’s why you should never ship Spoby again:

1. Spencer literally thought Toby was a murderer:

Yeah, you can be wrong about people. But I mean… “Hey babe, remember that time I thought you murdered my best friend? Lol.”

2. They constantly lie to each other:

Like all the time.

3. They recognize that they lie and do it anyway:


4. Toby is very grabby:

Easy dude.

5. Toby was literally “A” and didn’t tell Spencer:


6. I mean…


7. Spencer cheats on Toby like 24/7:

She kissed that rando in London this season! Spencer. Get it together.

8. Toby became the worst cop ever and made Spencer feel like crap:

He’s never around, and he got her arrested.

9. Seriously, they are so dishonest with each other:

They keep lying.

10. They never actually hang out:

They don’t do anything together except screw up plans to catch “A.”

11. Spencer asks Toby to lie on her behalf like every day:

Not cool, Spence.

12. Spencer is way to smart for Tobes:

Sorry, y’all, but Spencer really needs someone who can challenge her brainpower.
Are you a Spoby shipper? What do you like or dislike about them? Tell us in the comments below!
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    that’s totally WRONG. lol how could you think sth like that