The 8 Types Of Roommates You’ll Have In College

Being assigned a roommate in college can be a strange mix of terrifying and exciting. It’s an opportunity to live in close quarters with someone who you may not have even talked to in real life. You can learn about new cultures, be introduced to entirely new groups of friends, and get to know yourself in the process. Sure, dorm living can feel like long-term camping at times, but it fosters a real sense of camaraderie.

Unfortunately, roommates in college can also go terribly wrong. Trying to gel with someone who has completely different priorities than you can definitely be tricky (“Do you mind not clipping your toenails on my bed?”). Being a good roommate is about compromise, but sometimes you get pushed a little too far. In order to prepare yourself mentally, here are the 8 types of roommates you can expect to have in college. Get ready!

What’s your college roommate like? Let us know in the comments below!

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