19 Struggles Every Girl With Winged Liner Knows To Be True

As a girl, you are (unfairly) expected to have certain skills in the makeup department. First, you must process the technical skills to know which tools to use, what area of the face to apply the makeup, and what colors compliment your skin tone. Then, you need the visual prowess to access whether or not what you’re doing to face actually looks good. Finally, you have to have the physical ability to paint on lines with an incredibly steady hand. WHEW. Ummmm…being a girl who likes to wear makeup is really hard.

Most guys don’t realize just how difficult it is to step out of the house in the morning with perfectly winged eyeliner. If both sides are even and you don’t look like a Panda Bear, you have accomplished a rare feat that should probably be documented in the history books.  The look is SO HARD but looks SO GOOD when you get it right. If you’ve ever attempted to be super-cool with winged liner, you’ll know these struggles:

1. When you wear winged liner, you feel invincible. 


2. Keeping the wings sharp takes serious dedication. 


3. Getting that perfectly winged liner is a lofty goal.


4. You hope for the best.


5. You take a deep breath…


6. Because wearing winged liner can be intimidating. 


7. You have the best intentions…


8. But things can go wrong very quickly.


9. You keep adding a little more…and a little more…


10. Getting the two sides to look the same is IMPOSSIBLE.


11. You pretty much expect it to be uneven at this point.


12. Sometimes you’re halfway done and you just give up.


13. It can be hard to deal with emotionally.


14. It’s impossible to be on time.


15. People really should just stop asking why you’re late.


 16. You decide to make those wings as big as you want.


17. You may need to ask a friend if your liner is on point.


18. You just have one request…


19. You look great!


Do you like wearing winged eyeliner? Let us know in the comments below!

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