12 Funky School Supplies Nobody Else Is Going To Have

As someone who always looked forward to back to school time (even during the summer), I always took pride in my back to school supply shopping. I just…really love school supplies, y’all. Pens, pencils, notebooks, markers…even the smell of them–er, plastic–was a thrill. But with that said, sometimes the products I bought could be a bit hum drum. I mean, another pack of plain mechanical pencils, another corporate looking planner…not much pizzaz.

School supplies don’t have to be boring, basic, and just like everybody else’s. Hell, you deserve school supplies that are just as expressive as you are. With a little bit of digging you can find some unique supplies that most other people don’t have. Trust, there’ll be no more confusion over whose highlighters are whose after you check out these 12 funky school supplies.

Bando 17 Month Classic Agenda

Let's be real, a lot of planners are ugly AF. They serve their purpose, sure, but if you're going to be using something every single day, why not make sure it's at least cool to look at. That's why this Bando planner is so awesome. It's colorful, has rad illustrations, and comes with stickers, too. They sell out quickly though, so get a move on!

Buy it at Bando for $20

I Drink Male Tears Pencil

If dudes and oppressive patriarchal BS in general got you down...use this pencil and you might feel a little better. Also, you probably need a pencil either way so there you go.

Buy it at Eythink via Etsy for $1.95

Cheeero 10400 mAh Banboard Flavors Power Plus

You're probably like, "Uh, what the hell is this?" I'll tell you what it is. It might just look like a cute face thing, but it's actually a portable charger. It has three ports so you can charge multiple things at once. Your phone, your tablet, whatever else, you're covered.

Buy it at Amazon for $49

Things I Cried About Today Journal

You could use this little guy as your personal journal...or use it for that class that actually makes you cry tears of blood. Your choice.

Buy it at Sara M Lyons for $8

Put Em Up Boxing Pen

This is the weirdest pen I've ever seen...and I absolutely love it. It's literally a doll that makes boxing jabs when you press a button and doubles as a writing instrument. Amazing. We're in the future now.

Buy it at Dolls Kill for $6

Cool Calm And Connected Bento Box

Do you love bento boxes or are you just now getting into them? Check this little guy out. It has plenty of compartment space and the front of it is designed to look like a fridge! This thing seriously makes packing your lunch way more fun.

Buy it at Mod Cloth for $17.99

Spooky Doll Sticker Set

Ummm, stickers totally count as a back to school supply, okay? The Pulp Girls has tons of cute and badass sticker sets, but this one is the spookiest. Slap these stickers on your binders, your laptop, your textbook, your body, whatever.

Buy it at The Pulp Girls for $7

Poppin Oversized Sticky Notepad

Forget those tiny little sticky pads. Say hello to this massive one that'll give you plenty of room to write everything you need to say. From reminders to annotations, this will cover it.

Buy it at Urban Outfitters for $6

Shark Plush Pencil Case

Okay, I know this is supposed to be a pencil case, but since it's a shark, I figure this would also be a really clever case for pads or tampons. Celebrate your monthly shark week in style.

Buy it at Petite Pink Boutique via Etsy for $8

Mini Monsters Scented Neon Markers

GAH! I know that scented markers are such a kindergarten flashback, but how rad were they? So the fact that these scented markers come in highlighter form and are shaped like little monsters is...a combination of everything right and good on this earth.

Buy it at Francesca's for $6

Groovy Getaway Lunch Bag

Not one for bento boxes? Just throw in your lunch items in this VW van lunch bag instead. Its insulated, vintage inspired, and is roomy enough for plenty of food.

Buy it at Mod Cloth for $29.99

Bando Peekaboo Folio

Folios are really handy, especially for those of us who aren't very organized but want to be. Don't throw that paper into the hell hole called the bottom of your backpack, put it in this see through folio instead. Plus, it comes with stickers. Woop!

Buy it at Bando for $6

Do you get excited about back to school shopping, too? Are you more into school supply shopping or clothes shopping around BTS time? Tell us in the comments!

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