12 Hilariously Confused Babies That Will Change Your Life

Babies: so cute, so cuddly, and so perplexed. They’ve literally been shoved out into a great big world that they have to struggle to comprehend. I wouldn’t want to have to go through that again, that’s for sure. Babies can’t communicate, and yet they’re supposed to be cool being handed over to strangers and being introduced to new sensations. #please

It’s understandable why babies can feel overwhelmed! The world is a magical, strange place where some people are clones of other people, fire shoots into the sky, and animals can be small and furry. Maybe we are the crazy ones for thinking those things are normal. Here are 12 babies caught on camera trying to make sense of this great big world, and doing so in the best way possible:


1. This baby meeting her grandpa’s twin

But… how… what… where am I?


2. This baby seeing a chick for the first time



3. This baby being interviewed on live TV

Did I say you could come this close to me?


4. Cousins meeting each other for the first time

This is how you know they’re actually related.


5. This baby seeing fireworks

Oh.. My… God… this is amazing.


6. This baby meeting twins for the first time

Um… okay… you look the same what is happening.


6. This baby seeing himself in a Cabbage Patch Doll

I don’t even have a caption, this is too perfect.


7. This baby trying to eat food

Okay, I put it in, so how do I take it out now?


8. This baby getting kissed

Pretty much everyone’s reaction to being kissed when you’re a kid.


9. This baby getting its picture taken

The BEST baby face of all time.


10. This baby getting x-rayed



11. This baby who doesn’t understand windows



12. This baby meeting Miley Cirus


Which baby looked the most confused? Let us know in the comments below!

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