14 Disney Faces Everyone Who’s Been Dumped Will Recognize

Breakups always suck, but they definitely suck more for the person who gets dumped. Sure, breaking up with someone is difficult and makes you feel badly, but getting dumped is utterly devastating. It makes you question everything about yourself and can throw you into a really bad pit of despair. It’s terrible.

If you’ve ever been dumped, you’ll definitely recognize these faces:

1. When everything was going great and suddenly you’re getting broken up with:

I’m sorry… what?

2. When you’re having a fight that results in a breakup:


3. When you’re getting dumped and your now-ex decides to bring up something that happened forever ago:

Excuse me?

4. When you’re just a wreck:


5. When you try to distract yourself from being upset:

Clean all the things!

6. When you have no motivation to do anything except wallow:

Can I live my sad life?

7. When you’re trying to convince your ex why you should stay together:

Even if part of you knows it’s probably for the best.

8. When you try to seduce your ex into staying:

It never works.

9. When you’re like:

Don’t leave!

10. When you start blaming yourself for the breakup:

It’s usually never about you.

11. When your friends keep asking what happened:

I’m just going to be sad, and you can deal with it.

12. When you try to put yourself together and feel like a fraud:


13. When you vow to be single for a while:


14. When you get super cynical and coldhearted because you don’t want to get hurt again:

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