9 Things You Should Never Do To Your Friend With Benefits

I’d be lying if I said being friends with benefits is a good idea. Sure, the thought of having a friend you can hook up with whenever you want seems great. But someone always ends up getting feelings, and the arrangement will likely blow up in your face. Most of the time, having a FWB does not work out in anyone’s favor and will ruin a perfectly good friendship.

However, if you do have a friend with benefits, here are some things you should avoid doing:

1. Say you’ll never date

When you enter a FWB relationship, it’s pretty much understood that you’re not going to date. BUT don’t say that out loud. From my experience, someone always has feelings to begin with and saying that dating in the future is totally off the table can cause a lot more trouble than it’s worth.

2. Do couple things with them

To keep your FWB strictly as a hookup partner, you should not do coupley things with them. Don’t go to dinner, although lunch is probably okay. Don’t sleep over. Don’t do things you would do with a boyfriend or girlfriend.

3. Talk about ~feelings~

If you start to develop feelings, you should be upfront about it. But do not talk about your general feelings with your FWB. Don’t talk to them about things that upset you or your hopes and dreams.

4. Get jealous

If you’re FWB with someone, you absolutely cannot get jealous if they’re hanging out with someone else. You’re not together! That’s the whole point.

5. Not be honest about hooking up with other people

If you or your FWB are hooking up with other people, you need to talk about it. This just protects you both from a health standpoint.

6. Carry on without getting tested

Everyone should get regularly tested, but especially if you’re both hooking up causally and with other people.

7. Blow up their phone

Nope. You shouldn’t do that with anyone, but you definitely shouldn’t do that with your FWB.

8. Expect something

You can’t have expectations when you’re “just hooking up” with someone. If you start to get expectations, it’s time to break things off.

9. Make it weird

Things will only get weird if you make it weird.

Have you ever had a FWB? What rules do you have? Tell us in the comments below!
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