What Does It Really Mean If You Have A Sharp Pain In Your Vagina?

Hi Heather,

I have a sharp pain shooting down into my vagina. It’s freaking me out, but I’m scared to go to the doctor. What does this mean?


Let’s address this doctor issue really quickly: why are you scared to go to the doctor? Doctors are there to help you, not scare you! In many cases, a visit to the doctor is really important – and this may be one of them. I know that worrying about what he/she is going to say might be intimidating, but no matter what the outcome is, you’re better off getting in sooner rather than later. And if this is more of a personal dislike of your doctor, find a new one!

Now, onto the vagina pain. I’m bringing in my friend Dr. Sherry Ross from HelloFlo (a monthly period care package you need to check out) to talk about what could be going on. It’s important to remember that even though you’re ~sort of~ speaking through a doctor on the Internet, you still need to go to one in person. Dr. Sherry stresses that, saying: “When you experience pain in the vagina, which could include any of your lady parts such as the vulva, clitoris, labia (lips) or vaginal opening, it’s important to get an explanation that you are satisfied with.”

Have you noticed any other symptoms down there besides for the sharp pain? This could include vaginal discharge, odor, itching, burning, throbbing, swelling, difficulty walking, or seeing something down there that isn’t familiar. It’s really important to watch out for these and to make note of them. These other symptoms can help your doctor diagnose what’s going on.

Dr. Sherry gives us a few examples of what could be happening:

• Sexually transmitted infections (STI) such as Herpes, Chlamydia or Gonorrhea
• Vaginitis or inflammation of the vagina caused by yeast or bacterial infection
• “Lost” or forgotten tampon
• Trauma from sex or sex toys resulting in a vaginal laceration
• Vaginal swelling from being dry during sex
• Vaginal cysts such as a Bartholin’s or Skenes gland cyst
• Vaginal atrophy or thinning of the walls of the vagina seen in menopausal women who have stopped producing estrogen.

She also says: “If you are ‘vagina friendly,’ I encourage my patients to put one leg on the toilet and take a look at the outside of the vagina with a mirror to see if something doesn’t look normal.” Take a look down there to see what’s going on, and then please call your doctor. As Dr. Sherry says, “If you experience an unfamiliar shooting pain down in your vagina, I think it’s important to go visit your health care provider. You know your body the best and if something is painful and unusual, have the expert help you solve the mystery.”

Plus, if you want relief, you can only get it from a doctor. As Dr. Sherry says, “Treatment will be dependent on the cause of the vaginal pain as determined by your health care provider.” So please, make an appointment!

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