13 Reasons Why Ross And Rachel Were The Worst Couple Ever

Like most of the human population, I love Friends. It’s a classic sitcom, and I laugh out loud every time I watch it. When I was younger, I definitely rooted for Ross and Rachel to be together. As I’ve gotten older and rewatched the series, I’ve realized they were actually a horrible couple.

1. When they had sex in the museum:

And woke up to CHILDREN staring at them. What are you doing?!

2. When Ross was overly jealous of Rachel’s co-worker, Mark:


3. When Ross was literally smothering Rachel and didn’t give her any space:

Everyone needs space!

4. When Ross always made Rachel feel dumb or like she couldn’t do something:

Moral of the story: Ross sucks.

5. When Ross slept with someone like four hours after him and Rachel went on a break:



6. Any time Ross said they were on a break:


7. When Ross cheated on Bonnie with Rachel at the beach:

And Rachel knew he was with Bonnie. And then she wrote him that 800 page letter.

8. When Rachel showed up to Ross’ wedding to Emily in London and Ross said Rachel’s name:


9. When Ross and Rachel drunkenly got married in Vegas:

O k a y.

10. When they had sex on Monica and Chandler’s wedding invitations:

Terrible friends.

11. When they did this in front of their baby:


12. When they embarrassed each other in public a lot:

Case in point.

13. When Ross told Rachel not to leave:

Um… Ross never suggested to go to Paris with Rachel.

14. When they actually were so terrible, they kind of were perfect for each other:

Ross was a self-absorbed, cheating jerk, and Rachel was a self-absorbed and immature. They deserve each other.
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  • ShakerGirl37

    I find it interesting how all of this focuses on Ross’s issues and not on the fact that Rachel was a spoiled brat who never wanted Ross to be happy with anyone else but her; yet she refused to forgive him for any of his transgressions when he forgave Rachel for hers.

    • Susan Ridgway

      Same, but I still agree they weren’t a good couple. Very unhealthy for each other.

  • Vladyslav Shevchenko

    Stupid article. Opinion of non-romantic person.

  • Lucy E

    Ross and Rachel were the best and I HATE YOU

    • Ravinder Singh

      But I love you Lucy because I think the same