7 Things You’ll Absolutely Regret Being Shy About Later In Life

Okay, I know that YOLO is so 2013, but it can still be applied to plenty of situations you might find yourself in. I’m not the most adventurous girl out there–I’m such a worry wart sometimes–but I have a good sense of knowing when I’ll regret not doing something, especially if shyness is at the center of my indecision.

Fact: We all have our shy moments, but there are a few things that we just cannot let slip out of our fingers just because something awkward might happen, or something might not go the way you plan. Here are seven things you’ll absolutely regret not doing just because you’re shy. Buck up, boo!

Defending Someone Who Probably Needed Your Help

You know that part in Grease when Rizzo is mocking Sandy with that Sandra Dee song? What if someone was like, "Uh, hey, Rizzo, can you stop being such an ahole and talking trash about someone who is literally in the other room? Cool."

We've all been there: Witnessing someone getting bullied or hearing someone talk about another person nastily behind their back. If you feel like the people doing that are jerks and need to be called out, try to do it. You can even be gentle about it. It's a lot better than kicking yourself for letting the grossness continue.

Plus, if you're hanging around people who will turn against you for being the bigger person then you need better friends TBH.


Approaching That Crush Who Might Just Like You Back

I’m not saying you have to reveal your feelings to the guy in your geometry class who you’ve never spoken to but have had a massive crush on for the last few years. Eff that. This isn't a movie and chances are that guy probably doesn't have a secret crush on you in return, too.

But the guy or girl who you've been having flirty text conversations with? Yeah, you'll regret not giving that a go. Life is too short. That person might be awesome or they might really suck. You'll never know unless you take some initiative and find out.


Going To Events Alone

Oh. My. God. Just do it. I know, concerts and other similar events are a lot more fun to go to with a friend. I also know that it's easy to feel shy and self-conscious when you're somewhere by yourself. But don't miss out on an opportunity to see a band you love or something just because you have to pluck up the courage to go alone. You'll regret it, trust me.


Meeting Up With An Internet Friend IRL

Obviously you need to be safe when it comes to meeting people you've never met IRL, but don't let a fear of not seeming cool or something silly like that jeopardize a chance to meet someone you have a lot in common with. I've cemented some of the best friendships of my life by meeting my Tumblr/Instagram/Whatever friends IRL, and you can, too!


Getting A Pic With A Celebrity

Okay, if you see your favorite musician getting dinner or something, don't interrupt them for a stupid photo. If you're at a concert or something and you're waiting for your favorite musician to come out after the show...don't get cold feet. Whether it's a musician, actor, athlete, whatever, just say hi and ask for a pic as long as you're not interrupting a private moment. Plenty of celebs are a lot nicer than you think they are, and who doesn't want to show off their pic with their fave celeb on Instagram?

Answer: Literally nobody.

Zenon Girl of the 21st Century/Disney

Trying Out For A Sport, Instrument, Part In A Play, Etc

You can either wonder what it would be like if you were on the volleyball team, or you can just try out for it. You can either wonder what it would be like to be the lead in the school play, or you can just...you get where I'm going here. You might not get the part you want or a spot on the team, but it's better to give it a shot than to regret not doing it.

Bring It On

Avoiding Doing Something Because You're Worried You'll Be A Burden

Maybe they're some friends you just started hanging out with, maybe they're some people you think are a lot cooler than you...either way, if they want to hang out, don't turn them down out of nervousness. As long as they aren't really some kind of cult, just do it. Don't sell yourself short or get all self-depricating. Tons of friendships start off a little bumpy with plenty of shyness to boot. Don't get stuck with a totally avoidable case of FOMO.


What shy moments have you overcome? Which ones have left you full of regret? Tell us in the comments!

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