Here’s What It’s Really Like To Drink Nothing But Water For A Week

Have you ever said you were going to do something.. and actually stuck with it? How about for a whole week? I’ve always been the kind of person that says they’re totally, 100 percent going to stick to doing something new, but then only lasts about three days doing it. Whether it’s drinking more water, reading more books, or watching less Netflix (LOL never), I’ve never committed hard enough to stick it through a week. Which is why I’m going to be starting something new every week, and sticking to it day to day. I’m definitely going to be expecting some urges to give up but, I will not let you girls down! Hey, maybe whatever I’m doing will become a habit!

I enjoy water because it’s refreshing and it keeps me alive. We’ve all heard that drinking eight glasses of water a day is ideal… I probably drink two glasses of water a day in addition to iced tea and soda. I’ll be the first one to say that I should definitely be drinking more water. This week, my goal was to drink eight or more glasses of water per day (and nothing else!) I was hoping with all the water I was drinking that my skin would clear up, I would feel more hydrated throughout the day, and possibly more energetic. Was drinking eight glasses a day beneficial or will Diet Coke always serve me the best?

Day 1, Monday: 
I honestly thought that today I would be able to drink 10-12 glasses of water, no problem. Well, I drank eight glasses, and could not imagine drinking any more than that. I woke up and instantly chugged two glasses of water. I felt a little woozy after doing that, especially not because I didn’t have breakfast beforehand. I couldn’t have my daily green tea, so I was extra tired. Chugging the water definitely helped me feel more energized, but it’s no substitute for green tea, that’s for sure.


I had some video editing to do on my computer which requires a lot of focus, so I was hoping some energy would come through my veins soon. At lunch, I had three more glasses of water. Instead of chugging them like I’d been trapped in the desert with no water for weeks, I sipped the glasses like a normal human. My stomach felt way less bloated from that, and I definitely felt more refreshed. Laster on, I worked out and found myself needing less water. Interesting! By the end of dinner, I had succeeded at having eight glasses and couldn’t see myself having anymore – and I was worried I was going to wet the bed.


Day 2, Tuesday:
Good news! I didn’t wet the bed… I never thought I’d be saying that at age 22. Anyway, my goal for today was to drink nine or ten glasses of water instead of eight. My only real plans for the day were to see my old improv coach for lunch. I hated the fact that I had to order water with my food. In my opinion, water just doesn’t complement food that well. I ordered a chicken sandwich and some fries, with a glass of water. Booooo. I can honestly say that my food didn’t taste as good without the sweetness of Diet Coke.


As soon as I got home, I chugged two glasses of water, which made me feel even more full. I was going to get work done, but I felt so full that I had to lie down and decompress. Six more glasses to go, I told myself unhappily. By the time I fell asleep that night, I had finished nine glasses of water. My stomach was so full and whenever I moved, I could hear sloshing. I’m not even joking. It totally grossed me out.


Day 3, Wednesday:
Today I decided to try changing up my water routine by using a water bottle. I was thinking I could trick myself into drinking more water. My water bottle was 32 ounces, which is approximately four glasses of water, meaning I had to drink at least two bottles. For some reason, this seemed easier to do because it was only two bottles instead of eight glasses. Maybe this mind trickery would help?


I was busy doing errands most of the day, but felt a good amount of consistent energy. Usually, I feel like I could pass out on any surface by around four PM, but I didn’t feel that. However, I didn’t notice a difference in my complexion like I was hoping. I ended up drinking three bottles of water and found it to be just as difficult, because duh, it’s still the same amount of water as the other day.


Day 4, Thursday:
Well, I was pretty annoyed today. I woke up, got of bed, went to the bathroom… and found two developing pimples on my face. WTF?! I thought water was supposed to help clear up breakouts! I expected to wake up every morning with a complexion like Snow White with the natural contouring of Kim Kardashian. Okay, maybe that was a little unrealistic, but I definitely didn’t expect to have new breakouts this week. I put on some acne cream, a little concealer, and carried on with my day. I almost didn’t want to drink water because I was so mad at it.


But, I ended up drinking 12 glasses of water today. My goal was to flush out the acne as much as I could. Drinking this amount of water wasn’t as hard today for some reason. Maybe it was because I was so determined to get rid of my developing pimples? I had a point improv game that night, and I was excited because I had somewhat of a cheat on stage. We’re always supplied with water when we perform, and we do much physical activity on stage that I usually end up downing two bottles of water while I perform. So that’s how you drink 12 glasses in a day! I felt energetic on stage and had a lot of clarity.


Day 5, Friday:
I almost messed up today. By that I mean I almost drank four cans of diet cream soda I found in the back of my fridge. I don’t even know where it came from. After cuddling, kissing, and sending my love to the soda, I hesitantly put it back in the fridge. It’s such a first world problem, but I totally felt depressed that I couldn’t drink it.


I tried to drown my depression with eight ounces of water, but it just wasn’t the same. I ended up only drinking eight glasses today, but I was fine wiwht it. I mean, when I saw my long lost love in the fridge, how could I betray it anymore without feeling guilty? I did notice that my acne was looking better, which was pretty neat. When I use acne cream, it usually takes a few days for it to work, but maybe the water assisted it. Maybe my mistress wasn’t so bad after all!


Day 6, Saturday:
I made water exciting! I made water exciting! How did I do it? I infused it with fruit the night before. By day six, I found myself getting so tired of the bland taste of water. I needed a change. I put water, blueberries and strawberries in a pitcher and let it sit overnight. Drinking it this morning was amazing. Why didn’t I do this all along?! I was like juice without the artificial sugar. I absolutely loved it. I looked up “water recipes,” and found out that you can combine water with cucumbers for a refreshing drink.


I tried it and it was incredible. The cucumber makes the water so crisp and refreshing! I definitely see why they serve it at spas. I also tried lemon water, which was okay, but probably the worst of the water recipes I tried. The picture is of blueberry and strawberry water. I added extra blueberries because why not? I ended up drinking 14 glasses of water today. Fourteen! My energy levels were great, and I felt awesome because I was finally a fan of water.


Day 7, Sunday:
I’m just gonna start with this: I peed about 35 times today. I’m not even exaggerating. I don’t know if it was because the water was catching up to me from yesterday in addition to today, but wow. WOW. Talk about a detox. I actually had a little cramping in my lower abdominal area…it was very odd. Because of my body having a minor-pee freakout, I only drank eigh glasses of water today. I woke up feeling pretty energized, like most of the mornings lately, and found that drinking my water was easy.


It could be because it was part of my routine now, so my body was adapting. I was at my improv practice most of the day, so I felt odd leaving to the rest room about six times during practice, but I all that mattered to me at that moment was emptying my bladder. After my improv practice, I had some dinner and drank my final glass of water for the night. It felt like a goodbye, but was it? Hm, I definitely had to weigh in on the pros and cons of this one.


Conclusion: This was a tricky one for me. Drinking all that water truly made me feel great, but it did come with some drawbacks. I, obviously, found myself going to the bathroom double (triple on Sunday) the amount of times that I usually go. It was also a little hard getting used to at first, but I found it got easier day by day. So, can I see myself doing this everyday? I hate to say it, but no. As much as I saw that water helped me feel good, drinking that much water was a little tedious. Though, I can tell you, I will be drinking more water because of this for sure. While I may not be drinking 14 glasses everyday, I can guarantee you a minimum of six glasses a day for sure. Alright, that’s all for now! I’ll talk to yo– I have to pee. Bye.

Have you ever gone a week only drinking water? What do you want Cheyenne to try next? Tell us in the comments!

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  • joannacamilley

    I almost exclusively only drink water now. Exceptions are coffee and milk in the morning (sometimes) or a Gatorade if I need to keep my electrolytes up. I don’t mind the taste of water too much and its completely normal to me now, though sometimes I do miss the sweet taste of soda.