Quiz: What Should Your Eyebrows Actually Look Like?

Eyebrows have kind of been having a very extended moment for the past two years or so, have they not? The movement started with Cara Delevingne, migrated over to the “on fleek” Vine (a true classic, if I do say so myself), and has ended up in its current state–i.e. teens getting chemical burns on their faces as a byproduct of attempting to get Delevigne-like brows—  which I assume is the zenith of the current eyebrow culture of today.


Given that I, myself, am a particularly full-browed individual, I am very excited about how things are going for the eyebrows of today. Just because full brows are technically “in” right now, however, doesn’t mean that you should adhere to this trend. What should *your* brows look like? Find out with this quiz:


Were you surprised by your result? Did I forget any cool eyebrow looks? Let us know in the comments below!

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