13 Summer Movies You Need To Watch Before Summer Ends

The heat might still be blazing, but summer as we know it is slowly–or quickly, for those of you starting school again in a hot second–coming to an end. No more lazy days spent refreshing Tumblr every couple of minutes, no more staying up all night watching bad TV reruns, and no more hitting up the ice cream truck in the middle of the afternoon. It’s time for classes, headaches, and a lot less free time.

But let’s not get too grim or too ahead of ourselves here. There’s still time to soak up the last dredges of summer in film form. Make sure you binge watch these 13 super summer movies before it’s too late.

Dazed And Confused

This movie is fun to watch year round, but it's a quintessential summer movie. Taking place on the last day of school in a sleepy Texas town in 1976, you'll follow the lives of a bunch of different teens getting up to utter ridiculousness. Seriously, get your friends together, order some pizza, and watch this movie. It'll quickly become one of your faves.

The To-Do List

Okay, here at Gurl we definitely aren't condoning feeling pressured to get your sexual bucket list out of the way before you start college. But you might have fun watching somebody else do it.


Oh man, classic Britney Spears and a cheesy plot about best friends hitting the road on a quest to find themselves? OMG, yes. Seriously, what's better than that?

Now And Then

If you want coming of age girl power with a nostalgic, '70s flare and an awesome soundtrack then you need to grab your squad and watch Now And Then. Definitely relatable to those of you who are small town girls, too.

Addams Family Values

There aren't too many spooky summer movies, but Addams Family Values fits the bill. If dark comedy is your thing and/or you had a hellish summer camp experience, you're going to love this one.

Moonrise Kingdom

Come for the twee aesthetic, stay for the endearing love story between two kids in the mid '60s. No, seriously, this movie is so cute and clever that it's almost unfair.

Do The Right Thing

Want a little social justice thrown into your summer movie mix? Check out the classic movie Do The Right Thing. It takes place on a swelteringly hot day in Brooklyn and shenanigans ensue. Its funny, it's poignant, and will seriously leave you wondering if anyone really did do the right thing.

Wet Hot American Summer

The title alone qualifies this as one of the ultimate summer movies. You've probably seen a bunch of ads about the spin off for this movie on Netflix, but before venturing into that, why not watch the original? This comedic cult classic takes place on the last day of summer camp in 1981 and pokes fun at a bunch of obnoxious teen movie tropes. Also, it stars a young Paul Rudd. Uh, that's enough for me. What about you?


If you’re looking forward for your crappy summer job to come to an end, you'll probably relate a lot to elements of Adventureland. It's a movie about a college graduate (Jessie Eisenberg) who has to get a job at a run down amusement park to help make ends meet after his parents reveal their financial problems. On your last day on the job, watch this movie for some much needed catharsis. And hey, if you aren't dealing with summer job woes, this is still a fun movie to watch. If you're a Kirsten Stewart fan, too, you'll enjoy seeing her in a role that's a little more lighthearted.

The Notebook

If you're in a love sucks spiral and want to feel even worse about your lack of summer romance...watch The Notebook and feel even worse about it! Or just swoon over how hot Ryan and Rachel are in this movie. Hey, why not do both?

Before Sunrise

If you'd rather go with something a little more indie for your hopeless romantic cry fest, check out Before Sunrise. Trust, you'll want to start reblogging GIFs of the most quotable scenes from this movie, like, immediately after you're done. Sigh.

Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants

Sure, the movie isn't as good as the book (is it ever?) but The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants is still a pretty fun movie to watch if you have the time. Oh, and if you need a good cry, one scene in this movie might turn you into a big ol' baby. Not going to spoil it though!

The Parent Trap

Who doesn't love this movie? If you know someone who doesn't, give me their name, I'm ready to fight 'em, TBH. Anyway, from summer camp to summer schemes, The Parent Trap is such a feel good movie. Sure, you'll get a little sad about Lindsay Lohan's faltering career but...at least she ruled in this.

Are any of these movies already on your must watch lists in the summer? What movies did I forget about? Let me know in the comments!

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