8 Things You Must Do At Home Before You Leave For College

If you’re going to college in the fall, chances are good that it’s finally become less of an abstract, hypothetical thought of something that might be happening and more of a distinct possibility. Like, something that’s happening…very soon. As in, um, a week or two. So, you know, cue the tears, panic attacks, and last-minute searches for the memory foam topper you just know you ordered a few weeks ago but cannot for the life of you find now. 

At this point, your hometown is probably the last thing on your mind, other than as a place that you are so freaking excited to leave. But before you ship off, there are definitely some things that you need to do there because, believe it or not, you’re actually going to miss your hometown and the people there. Or, at least, you’ll miss some parts of it. Like your dog, or your bed that you’ll soon come to realize is highly superior to the one you’ll have at school.  Here are the things you absolutely must do before you leave for good:

Visit Your Favorite Restaurants

There's this restaurant in my hometown called Amphora that my friends and I are *literally* obsessed with. There's no reason to love it so much--the service is terrible, food poisoning is very likely, and it's basically guaranteed that you will run into the one person you didn't want to see there--and yet, we do. Sue us. Anyway, we visited this place roughly 20 times over the course of the summer. Do the same with your inexplicable favorite restaurant!

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Visit Your Old High School In The Dead Of The Night

Obviously, don't do anything illegal while you're there. (And if your high school has some rule about not visiting campus past a certain time, you can skip this too). But there's something really cool about saying bye to your old school at night--before I left for college, my friends and I went to the school at midnight and just walked around the track. There wasn't really a "point" to this, but there didn't need to be, really.

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If You're In A Relationship, Think About What You Want To Do About It

As I am sure that you have already heard, going to separate colleges can be really hard on a relationship. Most couples I know made it through the first couple months and then broke up over Thanksgiving break. This is so common, in fact, that people sometimes refer to this break as "Dumpsgiving" (which sounds really gross, so please don't actually call it that. I'm just trying to keep you informed on the hip college lingo). I'm not saying that you have to break up with your high school bae, if you have one--I know some couples who made it all the way through college long-distance--but you definitely need to talk about it. If you're committed to staying together, make a plan for that, like keeping up with texting having a schedule for Skype calls.

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Hit Up Your Favorite Beauty Spots

During my last week at home, I knew that it was was very important for me to call on Soraya, my family waxer (a "family waxer" is the kind of thing one inherits when your bloodline mainly consists of hirsute Eastern European immigrants) so that my eyebrows would be in tip-top shape for orientation week. Even if you don't have an esthetician to whom you have pledged your undying loyalty, you should definitely get your hair cut at your usual place--it'll be a hassle to find a new place once you go to school. Plus, who doesn't like going back to school with a fresh new haircut? No one, that's who.

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Hang Out With Your Pets

Being away from your pets is almost worse than being away from your parents because you can't call your pets on the phone every day. I mean, you can, but they probably won't like it. Or be able to understand why they can hear you disembodied voice but can't actually SEE or SMELL you. So yeah, you're going to miss your pets a lot, so you should hang out with them as much as possible before you go.

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Try To Talk To Your Family In A Way That Doesn't Involve A Screaming Match

Oh, I guess you should also try to hang out with your parents or something. This is pretty complicated because you probably ARE seeing them a lot but it's not very pleasant because you want to hang out with your friends and your dog and they want you to "pack" and "get all of your stuff out of their room." It's annoying, but remember to try and have a rational conversation with them at some point or another. You'll be happy about it, I promise.

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Hang Out With Whatever Friends You Have Left

The last couple weeks before you leave are super depressing, because all of your high school friends slowly start to drop off, like it's the Hunger Games or something. (Except they're going to college. Not dying in a cruel post-apocalyptic game, probably.) So, you know, cherish the ones you have left until the get sent off to the Capitol. I mean, uh, college.

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So, yeah, I just gave you a ton of stuff to do, and now I'm telling you to sleep. I suck! I know! I sit on a throne of lies. But: your orientation week will be amazing and fun and all that, but sleeping will NOT be a part of it. Then classes will start, and you probably won't be sleeping all that much either. So, try your best to be well-rested when you arrive! It'll make your first couple days much easier.

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What are you trying to do before you leave for college? Did I forget anything important? Let us know in the comments below!

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