6 Things You Should Never Ever Do To Your Brother

While I was jealous of many of my friends with sisters, I really loved growing up with an older brother. Sure, we had our issues, but we’re really good friends. He’s always been there for me and gives me great insight into the male psyche.

Here are some things I’ve learned not to do to your brother over the years:

1. Date or hook up with his friends without talking to him about it

Would you be cool with your brother hooking up with or dating your friend without talking to you about it? No. Don’t do it to him! If you really like one of his friends, tell your bro and feel it out before making any decisions. Plus, your brother might know something about the guy that you don’t.

2. Hang around his friends all the time

You do not want to get the label of “annoying sister.” It’s cool to hang out with your brother and his friends every now and then, but hang out with your friends too!

3. Prank him

Because he will prank you back 10 times worse. Trust me.

4. Become good friends with his girlfriend
best friends one tree hill

Be friends and be friendly, but don’t become her bestie. I did this, and it was super, super weird when they broke up. Needless to say, we’re not friends anymore.

5. Make fun of him in front of his friends

You shouldn’t do this to any of your siblings, but especially to your brother. Boys can be pretty ruthless, and no guy wants to get made fun of by his sister in front of his bros.

6. Get mad at him for being protective

Brothers are instinctively going to be protective of their sisters, especially the younger ones. It’s totally normal, and you should be grateful that your brother loves you and wants to look out for you!

Do you have a brother? What else should you never do to him? Tell us in the comments below!
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7 things you should never ever do to your sister

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