12 Inappropriate Jokes From Nickelodeon Cartoons That Will Scar You For Life

We all know that shows like Fairly OddParents and Rugrats were full of dirty jokes that went way over our heads as kids. In fact, a lot of your favorite childhood shows contained jokes that were way too adult. Maybe it was to give parents who were forced to watch with their children some comic relief. Maybe the writers were just messing around and hoping no one noticed.

Either way, here are some dirty jokes from old Nickelodeon cartoons that you definitely missed:

1. That time Rocko was a phone sex operator:


2. And that time he grabbed some “berries” in the forest:

Those are not berries.

3. Oh and this sex joke:

Who else is uncomfortable?

4. This moment from CatDog:
catdog class

I see what you did there.

5. That time Cat was kind of a stripper:

This is a kids’ show!

6. When Cat and Dog kissed, but they’re related:


7. This joke about furries in CatDog:


8. This hidden penis on Grandpa’s face in Hey Arnold!:

Scarred for life, tbh.

9. This drug joke from Hey Arnold!:


10. And this suggestive sign:

Not subtle at all.

11. Oh and this entire scene:

Can you guess what “pet the kitty” is supposed to mean?

12. And literally every scene from Ren & Stimpy:

No wonder my parents didn’t want me to watch this.
What other inappropriate Nickelodeon moments can you think of? Tell us in the comments below!
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  • Rainier Rademan

    Please explain the “furries” reference to me, with regard to the pink bunny suit.

  • Sean

    Literally everything in Spongebob. Why is there nothing from Spongebob on this list?

  • Saeryen

    I thought Cat and Dog in CatDog were two minds/souls in one body or something?