17 Reasons Why Ezra And Aria Are The Worst Couple Ever

When I first started watching Pretty Little Liars many moons ago, I was an Ezra and Aria shipper. I was all about them until I had a massive reality check. He’s an adult, and she is a minor. He also was her teacher. That is so not okay. If this relationship occurred in real life, everyone would freak out. Ezra would get arrested for statutory rape. Their relationship isn’t romantic; it’s gross.

I know a lot of people want Ezria to be endgame whenever season 84 of PLL comes around, but here are some reasons why they shouldn’t be:

1. When they hooked up in the bathroom at a bar:

“Hey, I just met you. And this is crazy. But let’s make out in this bar bathroom, maybe?”

2. When Ezra made it super awkward in class by saying “Holy crap” and looking directly at Aria:


3. When they kissed at school after talking about how they should pretend that thing at the bar didn’t happen:

Um… you just said that should never happen again.

4. When they had really sketchy after-class time like every day:

Yeah, no one suspects anything.

5. Whenever they hooked up in his car:


Which was a lot.

6. This uncomfortable exchange:


7. When they had to take a picture with bags over their heads:


8. When Ezra showed up to Aria’s school dances like it was NBD:


Lol that mask is not fooling anyone.

9. When they made out in the school parking lot in broad daylight:



10. When Aria did this:

What r u doing?

11. When they proclaimed their love to Aria’s parents and they were mad for .5 seconds:

Now, they’re totes cool with their daughter dating a guy who used to be her teacher.

12. When Ezra said this even though Aria hasn’t had a life yet because she’s a literal child:

That is a lot of pressure for a high school student.

13. When Aria and Ezra’s brother kissed:

And it never came up how?

14. When Ezra had a kid for a hot minute and Aria didn’t think twice about it:

Malcolm ended up NOT being Ezra’s kid, but Aria was totally fine playing house when she was still in high school. And everyone was like “Cool!”

15. When Ezra was stalking Aria and her friends for his mystery novel:

And he actually used to have a thing with Ali, which is how he came to know about the Liars in the first place. He knew Aria would be at the bar. He knew everything because he’s creepy AF. And he was spying on them and stalking them for YEARS to write a book about the whole thing? WTF.

16. When they got back together AFTER THAT:

Aria, come on. He stalked you. For a novel. Wut?

17. When Ezra literally never acted like an adult:

Ezra stalks teenage girls. Ezra dates teenage girls. Ezra hangs out with teenagers. Ezra never thinks to call the police. Ezra decides to go after “A.” Ezra is the worst.
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  • Karen

    This is why I thought it was good idea for Ezra to be “A” maybe not the main one, unless they made his story real good…but I thought it would teach teens “don’t date your teacher…he could be ‘A’ ” Lol You know…something along the lines that it is not a good idea to date (or keep dating after knowing the truth) someone that…creepy… no matter how cute they look….

  • Jenny Buxaplenty

    Aria and Ezra’s relationship always made me uncomfortable because the age difference was always on my mind. But I never thought about the fact that this guy hangs out with teenagers all the time because lbr, none of the girls on that show ARE teenagers or look like teenagers. Even the girl who plays Allison who is of an appropriate age looks slightly older.

  • Saeryen

    I don’t watch this show at all, but I love the name “Aria” and for that reason I want Zuko from ATLA to appear all of a sudden and for Aria to dump the creepy teacher and fall for Zuko instead.