Can You Get Pregnant If Your Boyfriend Finished On Your Leg?

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My boyfriend and I were fooling around, and he ended up finishing on my thigh, pretty close to my vaginal area. I checked and I’m almost positive nothing got in there. But I’m still freaked out. Could I get pregnant from that? Is it worth it to take Plan B when this stuff happens? Please answer fast!


If I had to give someone the top five questions I get asked the most, I would have to say that this one (“Can I get pregnant if he finishes on my leg?”) is probably number two. This tells me that a lot of you are out there, fooling around with dudes and having them finish on any other body part besides your vagina. That’s good! They shouldn’t be finishing in your vaginal area unless they’re wearing a condom (or unless you want little babies running around). But it’s also important to learn or go over the basics of safe sex so that you can get rid of all that worrying about getting pregnant.

So, to do so in the best and most responsible way possible, I got in touch with my friend Dr. Sherry Ross from HelloFlo (a monthly period care package you need to check out) to fill us in. Here’s what Dr. Sherry Ross had to say: “If your boyfriend ‘finishes’ or ejaculates on your thigh, you are safe from getting pregnant. As long as his ejaculate, full of billions of actively swimming sperm, stay clear of the vaginal opening, your chance of getting pregnant is unlikely.”

She continues: “The male ejaculate contains millions of sperm searching for the woman’s egg. Fertilization typically takes place in a woman’s fallopian tube. The sperm has to be released in the vagina or near the vaginal opening in order to swim up through the cervix and swim towards the egg. It only takes one sperm of the millions to find and fertilize the egg.”

Here’s where it gets tricky: saying you won’t get pregnant from this is true if your boyfriend wasn’t in or very close to your vaginal opening right before he ejaculated either. Dr. Ross explains: “If your boyfriend was inside you right before ejaculation, he might have released some fluid called ‘pre-ejaculation,’ which is the liquid that comes out of the penis before ejaculation. The liquid coming out has active and viable sperm that can make you pregnant.” 

What does this mean? If your boyfriend finished on your thigh and wasn’t inside of you right before finishing (in other words, if he didn’t pull out to ejaculate), then you’re safe. If he was inside of you and pulled out to ejaculate on your thigh, you may not be, and taking Plan B would definitely be a good idea just to be on the safe side. Remember that you can only take that up to 72 hours after the act, and it works better the less you wait.

Another thing to remember: if you’re fooling around and he’s going inside of you, please use a condom. Even if he’s only in there for a minute, even if he doesn’t finish instead of you, even if he doesn’t finish at all. Just use a condom. Please.

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