13 Signs That You Should Have Been A Teenager In The ’90s

In the ’90s I watched a lot of Nickelodeon, ate too many Dunkaroos, and allegedly cried when I watched The Little Mermaid. I was also a little kid who was only sentient for the later half of that decade. Still, I was aware of enough pop culture at the time to consider myself a child of the ‘90s.

I definitely wasn’t a teen at the time, but I can fantasize what that must have been like. Whatever, I don’t care if ’90s nostalgia is passe. Just…imagine a time before cell phone notifications, when Leonardo Dicaprio was at peak hotness, and girl groups like TLC and Spice Girls dominated. If this and other ’90s past times appeal to you, then here are 13 signs you should have been a teenager in the ’90s.


1. Your first thought when you see the GIF below is, “Yes, ideal aesthetic.”


2. You’d love to be able to appreciate a time when MTV actually had good shows, like Daria.

Source: Giphy

Source: Giphy


3. You low key love frosted makeup.

wish upon a star lipstick


4. You still wish you were a Spice Girl. Admit it.

spice girls dancing


5. Young Will Smith is irresistible, and you know it.



6. You’d rather have TLC as your feminist icons than anyone around in pop culture today.

no scrubs tlc


7. You can see yourself in a teen movie from the ’90s more than any other decade.

clueless hug


8. You and Angela from My So-Called Life are, like, the same person.

my so called life gif


9. You’d rather play cheesy boardgames about fantasy crushes than playing Candy Crush.



10. You know that chokers and mood rings are way cooler than flower crowns and flash tattoos.

the craft squad


11. You’d love to have the chance to see Nirvana live, TBH.


12. You can see yourself as an extra in Saved By The Bell.

saved by the bell girls dance


13. Three words: Young Leonardo Dicaprio.



What do you think would be the best thing about being a teen in the ’90s? What would really suck? Tell us in the comments!

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