15 Of The Creepiest GIFs You’ll Ever See

Every now and again, the internet produces things so strange that you are filled with a conglomeration of simultaneous disgust and appreciation. Half the time you’re browsing online you’re thinking, “You have weirded me out, but I am also amused…proceed.” You then show all your friends, because who wants to feel uncomfortable all by themselves??!! No one.

I don’t know what possessed someone to create these weird gifs, but I’m glad they did. Or I’m glad that they messed up while trying to make a normal gif and accidentally created these. Sure, they may make you feel like you have a fever, but they are also entertaining and a little transfixing.  Here are 15 of the creepiest gifs made with stationary parts we could find on the web!


1. James Franco just being James Franco


2. Beyoncé telling it like it is. 


3. Adele  singing from her heart.


4. Conan in a wind machine.


5. Jack Nicholson utilizing those eyebrows.


6. Dr. Who?


7. An audience clapping for you!


 8. A dude who is possessed.


9. Droids in an alley.


10. Nicki Minaj creeping us out.


11. Old photography come to life = nope!


12. This dude checking you out.


13. Daenarys telling people off.


14. Wednesday Adams just doin’ her thing.


15. Always Sunny’s Promotional Campaign


Which one was the most unsettling? Let us know in the comments below!

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