15 Of The Most Unfair Dress Code Violation Stories Of 2015 (So Far) That Will Make You Furious

Dress codes have always been controversial, but it seems to me that they’re getting to be even more a lightening rod topic. 2015 has been a year full of not only dress code violation stories, but also a year full of stories about young women fighting back against those dress codes. I guess we can call that a hopeful step in the right direction!

Here’s the thing: I understand why dress codes exist, especially for a school or a place of work. People need to wear certain things in certain settings. I can get behind dress codes that are there to make sure students are focused on schoolwork rather than being fashionable or stylish. I can support dress codes for jobs that require you to look professional. I can agree with dress codes that exist for both women and men.


The problem, for me and many other people, is that dress codes often do not exist for men, especially in schools. The majority of the dress codes out there are for young women and young women only. They exist because schools want to make sure boys don’t get distracted. It’s twisted: girls can’t wear something because boys might not be able to pay attention on their work. In other words, it is the girl’s fault if a boy does something stupid because he can’t stop staring at her. Instead of teaching boys to stop focusing and sexualizing women’s bodies, we’re teaching women to stop doing things so that boys don’t do that. It’s not fair, it’s not right, and it’s completely sexist. 

Like I said, I can agree with certain dress codes. But most of them, I just can’t get behind. Giving a girl detention because her bra strap is showing? Telling a five-year-old her shoulders are distracting to men? Ordering young girls to hide their “sausage rolls?” Believe it or not, these are all real stories, and it’s disgusting. Here are 15 of the most unfair dress code violation stories of 2015 (so far). We still have five months left to go in the year, so who knows what will happen.

Which of these stories did you think were the most unfair? What do you disagree with? What did I forget to include? Tell me in the comments.

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  • Hannah

    You can still be fashionable and still study.Being fashionable and being smart aren’t exclusive. Even if the dress code was applied to both genders students would still try to look good and follow the dress code at the same time.