7 Cool Backpacks Under $35 That Will Survive The School Year

A couple of weeks ago, I did a roundup of cool backpacks that look sick and will actually hold all your crap without falling apart. Most of them were on the more expensive side, because sometimes it’s smarter to buy something a little sturdier that’s more expensive than something cheaper that will fall apart in a hot second. However, one of our readers–fairly, I might add–called me out on the high price points. She suggested a post highlighting backpacks that don’t cost a ton of money.

Well, here it is: Seven cool backpacks under $35 that will definitely survive the school year! For those of you who aren’t ready to drop bigger bucks on a fancier backpack, this roundup will be absolutely perfect for you.

Jansport Spring Break Backpack

Jansport is a classic, a backpack that so many people rely on for years on end. But if you want one these days, many are well over $50. But if you want a trusty Jansport without the cringe worthy price tag, snag the Jansport Spring Break Backpack. It's roomy, sturdy, and has tons of pockets.

Buy it at Urban Outfitters for $29.99

Rosin Rucksack Backpack

If you're someone who carries everything from a change of clothes to textbooks to a laptop in your backpack, you know that space is essential. So why not just go all out and rock this rucksack? Sure, you'll look like you're ready to go backpacking everywhere you go, but that's better than having to deal with an overstuffed backpack, right?

Buy it at Urban Outfitters $29

American Apparel Nylon Cordura School Bag

Colorful and bold, this colorblock backpack is one of the only things you can get at American Apparel that's actually on the cheaper side. Oh, and their backpacks get great reviews. Give it a whirl.

Buy it at American Apparel for $29

Monki Kicki Nylon Zip Top Backpack

If you're not into carrying too many heavy items in your backpack--lockers exist for a reason--then this nylon zip top backpack might be right for you. It's sturdy enough for the essentials. Plus, it's super roomy.

Buy it at ASOS for $32

Striped Canvas Backpack

This sturdy canvas backpack will endure getting shoved into your locker or thrown into the backseat of your car time after time after time. If you're into bright colors, you'll love the finish of this backpack. Just beware, you might have to spot clean it!

Buy it at Target for $29.99

Mi-Pac Backpack In Tropical Floral Print

Can't get enough floral? I feel you. Screw going for a backpack that doesn't clash, grab this floral print canvas backpack before school starts up again. It's big but not too big, and its heavy leather bottom will prevent quick wear and tear.

Buy it at ASOS for $26

Dickies Classic Canvas

This is a basic canvas backpack that get's the job done without costing a ton of money. Great! But if you're into the style and price point but not the color, no worries. You can also get this backpack in pink, orange, and deep blue.

Buy it at Target for $24.99


How long do your backpacks usually last? Are you more into backpacks, tote bags, or messenger bags? Let me know in the comments!

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