10 Real Guys And Girls Spill On If And Why They Fake Orgasms

The Big O…the Climax…the Happy Ending. However you say it, it’s supposedly the “goal” of every sexual experience. Orgasms are the beautiful moment when all of life’s cares melt away into sheer bliss. Yes, your body may contort into unrecognizable positions and strange animal sounds may escape from your mouth, but it’s just the price you pay for entering Pleasure Town.

However, sometimes you just aren’t getting to that climax, and you don’t want your partner to know. There are a few reasons why you would decide to fake an orgasm: your partner is very intent on making it happen for you, you don’t want to hurt their feelings, or you’re just looking for a way to end the situation quickly. Usually, guys and girls decide to become an Oscar-winning-actor in the the bedroom to avoid telling their partner what is really going on with their body. Some people find “faking it” extremely offensive while others view it as par-for-the-course.

We went on Reddit to get the scoop on whether or not people are faking their “O” face. 10 real guys and girls spill on if they fake orgasms, and if so, why:

One Guy Says: I Fake It To Spare Her Feelings

Loverboy_91: "I once had a girlfriend react very poorly when I didn't orgasm. Granted, she was insecure to begin with, but my lack of an orgasm led her to say things like 'I'm not good enough' or 'You don't find me attractive enough' etc. etc. and it put some strain on our sex life. Ever since then when I don't finish I've faked it so that the girl would feel fulfillment and I wouldn't have a repeat of that kind of incident."

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One Girl Says: I Don't Think Orgasms Are A Big Deal

CoinedSilver: "Never. My SO and I are just fine with saying, "Hey, it's just not going to happen right now." It has never caused any hurt feelings or problems since we both understand that's just how it goes sometimes. Being honest over something small in the meantime seems easier than possibly causing insecurities in the long run if he ever found out."

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One Girl Says: I Always Fake It

raseyasriem: "I have acted more moany/gaspy/etc than I really was, but I don't consider it a bad thing because in my case at least it tends to have a 'fake it 'til you feel it' effect that ends up turning me on more and helping to increase the likelihood that I'll orgasm. The effect is backed up by research. So, in that case it's a conscious effort to be outwardly turned on, but it's for both of our sakes."

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One Girl Says: I Never Fake It

FishCannotCarryGuns: "As hard as it is, honesty is the best route. We tried anything and everything to get me to cum, and honestly we finally figured out that it was an issue on my end. Once we got past that I've been orgasming ever since. By faking it with your partners your are denying them, and yourself, the ability to grow sexually, and possibly end up achieving orgasm (though as reiterated countless times throughout this thread orgasm should not be the goal of sex. I loved my non-orgasmic encounters as much as did my orgasmic ones)."

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One Guy Says: I Fake It If I'm Not Into It

Lilcheeks: "The one time I did it I had a condom on. I wasn't really having fun and just wanted to to be done. I don't really remember much else about the circumstance."

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One Guy Says: I Fake It The Second Time Around

bird0026: "I have faked an orgasm before. A lot of time for me if I've already come once it isn't going to happen again for a least a few hours. I can get an erection again but I just never (very rarely) finish in a second round."

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One Girl Says: I Would Rather Tell The Truth

squinkie: "I don't fake mine, I would rather tell my partner the truth about what works and what doesn't. I don't want him to put a lot of effort into something that does nothing for me."

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One Girl Says: I Don't Need To Orgasm

Maxxters: "I'm becoming increasingly more and more frustrated with the huge amount of pressure society puts on orgasm. It makes people who can't reach orgasm with a partner feel dysfunctional and it makes people who can't get their partners off feel inadequate. It's beyond absurd. Why on earth are we putting so much focus on the end game instead of the journey????"

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One Girl Says: I Faked It So Much I Got Fed Up

_JeanGenie_: "When I was younger and not vocal enough about what I wanted during sex, I faked the hell out of my orgasms. The guys didn't know what the heck they were doing down there but they were trying sohard so I didn't want to hurt their feelings. They didn't know how I acted when I had an orgasm, so they never figured me out and I never worried that they did. Eventually I got fed up with faking it. The next boyfriend I gave a serious lesson about vagina's and orgasms. He was a quick learner and I never had to fake again."

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One Girl Says: I Faked It To Save Our Relationship

noorgasmo69: "I never dreamed of faking one, but my boyfriend started to feel very upset because he felt like he wasn't good enough for me. Soon he started talk about how he wasn't sure if he would be able to stay with me since he felt like he was inadequate. So I faked one to make him feel better about himself. Then it snowballed, and now I just fake it because it's instinct."

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How do you feel about faking orgasms? Let us know in the comments below!

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