Eek! Could You Have An STD? 5 Real STD Questions, Answered

Let’s talk about STDs. Mainly, let’s talk about how no one really ever wants to talk about them. Despite the fact that pretty much anyone can get an STD–you aren’t a “slut” or anything if you happen to get one, let’s get that out of the way right now– it kind of seems like no one really ever wants to mention the word “STD”  for fear that it will imply that they, themselves, have an STD.


You guys aren’t afraid of talking about STDs, though, which is great. STDs can be scary, fam, and the best way to avoid them is to be totally open about how to protect yourself against them. So, here are five of your questions on STDs and how to avoid them!

Rock And Hard Place

I am 18 and am stuck between a rock and a hard place. My boyfriend and I have been dating for over a year now and I think I may have an STD. I haven’t told my mom and she has badgered me about it like five times in the past two days; one instance being while in Walgreens buying Monistat for what she thinks is probably just a simple yeast infection because I LIED and said I haven’t had sex. I am currently sitting at my desk at my job wondering how, when and if to tell her while at the same time freaking out inside and keeping my cool.  I am going to TRY to get into the OBGYN as my mom sits in confusion as to how I could possibly get a STD without having sex and as I figure out how not to ruin our relationship. What should I do? Mirandacade

Hi Mirandacade:

Sorry this is happening to you! So, you didn’t mention any of your symptoms or why it is, exactly, that you’re so sure that you have an STD. Depending on what your symptoms are, it’s entirely possible that you just have a yeast infection or something similar. To find out, talk to your boyfriend! Does he have an STD? If he’s the only person you’ve had sex with, if he has an STD it’s pretty likely that you got it from him (and vice versa). So, definitely talk with him and find out what the deal is.

If it does turn out that he could have possibly given you something, you might want to tell your mom then. It’ll be hard, and she’ll probably be mad at you, but her paramount concern is your personal health, so she’ll be able to help you figure out next steps. If you feel like your mom will do something drastic when she finds out–as in, disown you or something like that–you can try to visit a Planned Parenthood and get screened there. But really, the best option is to tell your mom! Good luck.


Sketchy Signs

My vagina lips are itchy and it hurts in general when I touch it, but there are no pimples or other visible signs on my vagina. Do I have an STD? I am sexually active.  Reinethe

Hi Reinethe:

Well, I’m not a doctor, so I can’t tell you for sure. This could be an STD, or it could be some other non-STD-related funkiness. Either way, it’s definitely not good to have uncomfortable itchiness and pain down there! There are a number of things that could be causing this, from an STD to a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis. It could also be some sort of chemical irritant–maybe you’re allergic to a type of soap or detergent that you’re using? Whatever the case, I definitely recommend going to a gynecologist to try and figure this out, especially if this has been going on for a while. In the mean time, you can go to a drugstore and Vagisil or something similar to make the itching calm down. Good luck!


It Looks Like An STD But It’s NOT (I Swear)

So I get these weird pimple-type things on my vagina. I got them before I became sexually active and before I started shaving, so I know it’s not an STD or irritation. How do I make them go away? I’m afraid of what my boyfriend is going to say. He’s probably going to think I have an STD. Sammy

Hi Sammy:

Don’t worry! These pimples are just what they look like–pimples–and are actually pretty common. Just like regular pimples, some women are just more prone to them than other. You can treat these a lot like facial pimples, too–wash the vaginal area with plain water and avoid wearing super-tight pants for a while. Also, remember to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and drink a lot of water.

In terms of your boyfriend, just explain your pimples the way you did to me! Say that you’ve been getting them for a while, before you started having sex, and that it’s really not a big deal. I don’t think your boyfriend will mind. Good luck!


A Condom A BJ Keeps The STDs Away

 I know now that you’re meant to use a condom when giving a BJ. But what if you’re going down on a girl? If a guy has to wear one, shouldn’t a girl?  Anoymous

Hi Anonymous:

Good question! As you’ve mentioned, you can definitely get an STD from oral sex, so it’s a good idea to use protection when you’re going down on a girl, too. This is a bit difficult, however, because condoms are meant to fit over a penis. It doesn’t work as well for a vagina. Fortunately, there are alternatives! You can use something called a dental dam, which is basically just a thin sheet of latex that you put over your mouth to prevent STDs. You can also use latex gloves if you want to be extra safe. Good luck!


Possible STD

Hi, my name is Shadoe. I am 17 and sexually active. I have been with the same guy for quite awhile and I am the only one he has been with. We always use condoms and I am on birth control. I shave down there a lot. I noticed this very large, sore, itchy lump on the outside of my right vag lip the other day. It looks like a pimple but it does not have a white head. It is painful when touched and very itchy. Can anyone give me any tips please? Shadoe

Hi Shadoe:

Based on what you are telling me, it doesn’t sound like you have an STD. This bump could be something like a cyst (caused by blocked hair follicles) or an angioma (small collection of blood vessels). But! As I have told the others, I am definitely not a doctor, so it would be best to see one to get a clear answer. It’s possible that even if it isn’t an STD, this bump could be a symptom of something else that should be treated by a doctor, like contact dermatitis or skin cancer (which is unlikely but possible).

Check out this website for more information, and definitely visit your doctor if this bump doesn’t go away within a week. Good luck!

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