11 Weird Cell Phone Cases You’re Going To Instantly Obsess Over

We all have our own personal style, right? So it’s sort of funny that our style might be so apparent from the shoes we wear or how we rock our makeup, but not so much when it comes to the one thing that rarely leaves our side: Our cell phones. Of course, there are some people out there who stumble upon a cell phone case with a cutesy little phrase on it, but most of us? Let’s be real, most of us have cell phones that look basic AF. We might get them in a color we like, but other than that? Snoozeville.

If you’re finally ready to bite the bullet and get a cell phone case that you’ll actually want to look at every day, check out the 11 funky cell phone cases in this roundup. From cases that look like unicorns to cases that look like milk cartons, you’ll find something that you think is pretty cool, trust.

Valfre Boys Tears iPhone 6 Case

YESSSSSS, DRINK UP THOSE PATRIARCHAL TEARS. Okay, but really though, this might be the best phone case on the entire planet. Guh.

Buy it at Nasty Gal for $38

ASOS Walls Jelly iPhone 6 Case

Am I the only one who thinks this case is sort of phallic? It cannot just be me! Still, it's a lot prettier than any penis ever, so that's good! If you're into colors that can compete with Rainbow Brite, you'll love this case.

Buy it at ASOS for $22

'90s Squiggle iPhone Case

If you're into cool patterns, check out this '90s inspired case. It also comes in black and white if you'd rather go for a monochrome look.

Buy it at Nylon Shop for $20

Shooting Star Glitterfalls iPhone Case

Yes! Glitter that won't get everywhere in two seconds. If you're into this design, but not the color, you're in luck: It comes in a ton of different color combos. Just check 'em all out at the link below.

Buy it at Dolls Kill for $15

ASOS Ice Cream iPhone 5 Jelly Case

Summer will live on all year round with this melting ice cream case. Best part: It won't drip on all of your stuff. If you're into dessert and pastels, this is for you.

Buy it at ASOS for $22

Compact iPhone 5/5s Casee

Anyone else do a double take after looking at this cell phone case? It seriously looks like there's an actual makeup compact there! Unfortunately, it's not, but it still looks pretty rad.

Buy it at Nylon Shop for $24.50

Skinnydip Neon Pink Furry Sassy iPhone 5c Case

Sure, this might get really dirty really quickly, but it looks like it'll feel so nice in your hands! A lot nicer than these silicone cases. If you're into an OTT look, you'll love this little guy.

Buy it at ASOS for $18.50

Valfre Shell Out iPhone 6 Case

For all you wannabe mermaids out there, this case is for you. Just...don't go near any wide bodies of water. Keep this guy on land.

Buy it at Nasty Gal for $38

Unicorn iPhone 6 Case

Honestly, whenever I think of unicorns I think about the on that Voldemort drank the blood of in Harry Potter...but if you have a less grotesque approach to these mythical creatures, check out this case.

Buy it at Dolls Kill for $20

Zero Gravity Moon iPhone 6 Case

Okay, enough with the cutesy stuff. Here's something that all of you who are more into the spooky side of things will appreciate. This tarot inspired cell phone case looks awesome against an all black everything look, too.

Buy it at Dolls Kill for $24

UO Custom iPhone 5/5s Case

Really simple but really cool looking. If you're into a phone with a design that feels a little more DIY than usual, this is the way to go.

Buy it at Urban Outfitters for $20


Which one of these cases is your favorite? Want me to do a roundup for other cell phones? Let me know in the comments!

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