9 New Ways To Wear Eyeshadow For Girls Who Are Sick Of The Smoky Eye

Unless you’re super skilled in the art of eye make up, the most you probably do with eyeshadow is create a smoky eye. Right? Hell, you might not even go that far. Maybe just a light dusting of your favorite eyeshadow color does the trick. No matter what camp you’re in, it’s safe to say that there are moments when you’re super bored with the same ol’ same ol’ shadow routine.

Well, here’s a great excuse to start changing things up a little. Check out these and nine fun and easy eyeshadow looks below. Whether you want to go for something retro, edgy, or acceptable for everyday wear, you’ll find something that you love.


1. Mod Look

This ultra ’60s style eyeshadow look is super easy. Take a white or nude color shadow and cover your lid. Then use a black or dark gray shadow in the crease of your eye. Slap on some eyeliner and maybe even some false eyelashes and you’re set.


2. Corner Focus

Not into a bold look but still ant to wear a little bit of shadow? Just throw some color into the corner of your eye. Go with gold or silver tones if you want this look to stand out without looking a little too colorful.


3. The Wet Look

If you want to get a little DIY, try mixing a little warm Vaseline with a pigment. It’ll produce a glossy eye shadow. Try it out, though it probably won’t be super pigmented. If you’re on the paler side, the color might still look a little bold. But if you have darker colored skin, this look might not show up so well. Either add a lot of pigment to the Vaseline or just rock a very subtle color.


4. Bottom Lid Emphasis

Consider pairing your favorite eyeshadow color with an even bolder color on your bottom lid. Or, just wear the color on your bottom lid with nothing on the top lid for an even edgier look.


5. Two-Toned Look

You can either use contrasting colors or colors that are very similar in shade for this luck. Honestly, anything goes. Just make sure you have a good blending brush for your eyeshadow so that the two colors blend in seamlessly together.


6. One Bold Color


Maybe you don’t want to mix a bunch of different colors together. Maybe you just want one color but with a bolder approach. Take your favorite eyeshadow color, or a color that you’ve been apprehensive to wear, and apply it all over your lid and even under your eyebrows. This look is dramatic and a little high fashion, but hey, maybe you’re a dramatic girl.


7. Neutral

So you want to put on a little bit of eyeshadow, but you don’t really want it to look like you’re wearing eyeshadow. Go with a nude colored eyeshadow that has just a tiny bit of shimmer in it. This might sound really simple, but even though it’s nude, it will still get peoples’ attention.


8. Geometric AF

Get geometric with it! Grab an angled brush and create super precise shapes of your liking with your eyeshadow. This is great for artsy girls who either want to go for a minimalist look that’s pretty simple and constrained, or an ultra bold look.


9. Colors Colors Everywhere

Okay, this is for those of you who really want to go out there with your eyeshadow. Whether you’re going to party or just feel like playing dress-up for a day, grab as many different eyeshadow colors as you can and literally apply all of them to every bit of surface space your eye will allow. From the corner of your eye, to your bottom lid, to just under your eyebrows, you’re going all out. No need to be precise, that’s what’s fun about this look.


Do you have a go to eyeshadow look? Are there any eyeshadow trends that you absolutely can’t stand? Let me know in the comments!

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