7 Things You Never Knew Were Totally Wrong About Bad Boys

You’re always told to stay away from the bad boys. They’re the guys your parents are afraid of or something. They’re the boys with motorcycles and no curfews. The bad boys we see in TV and movies aren’t really real though. Sure, there are bad guys out there, but that doesn’t make them bad boys, if that makes sense.

Check out these bad boy stereotypes that are actually wrong:

1. That they’re actually bad

“Bad boys” are often just guys that have an attitude problem. There’s a difference between a bad boy and a “bad boy.” Your usual “bad” boys aren’t actually evil or dangerous. If you encounter a guy who is actually bad, run.

2. That they all do drugs and drink

Your stereotypical bad boys are all into drugs, alcohol, and partying. The truth is, there are plenty who aren’t! I know several guys who’d be classified as bad boys, but who hate drinking and drugs.

3. That they don’t have feelings

Bad boys have feelings too! In fact, many of them are actually really sensitive. That sensitivity might be why they try to act so tough; they don’t want anyone to know they have emotions.

4. That they wear leather

If you’re deemed a bad boy, you don’t get a leather jacket dropped off at your door step. I don’t recall seeing any guy I know in a leather jacket, not to mention someone I’d call a “bad boy.”

5. That they’re obsessed with sex

I know you probably won’t believe me, but I know several bad boys who were virgins. The bad boy attitude doesn’t automatically make someone a sex fiend.

6. That they’re stupid

Case in point: Jess Mariano. He may hate school because he has an authority problem, but he’s brilliant. There isn’t a correlation between IQ and attitude.

7. That they’re bullies

Bullies are bullies. Being a bad boy doesn’t automatically make you a bully. Most bad boys I’ve encountered aren’t mean to anyone, they just keep to themselves.
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  • This is interesting… Half the boys in my school are what you’d consider “bad boys” but they don’t fit these stereotypes… Like my crush Jon, can be rude and rebellious, but he’s a really sweet, smart guy (and actually the smartest guy in my psychology class and he’s really good at art!)

    So these stereotypes are completely inaccurate and just wrong!