15 Thoughts You’ll Have When You Sleep Over With Your Bae For the First Time

Sleeping over with with the person you’re dating can be super fun! You get to have pillow talk, you wake up to cuddles, and you don’t have to brave the darkest hours of the night alone (3 am can be brutal by yourself). Plus. . . making out under the covers is always a good time, right?!

Still, sleepovers with the person you’re into can be a little stressful the first time you do it. There are so many things to worry about: you might gross your partner out with your morning breath, you might fart loudly in your sleep, you might say something weird while you’re half asleep… the list goes on. If you’re a people-pleaser like me, you might sacrifice your own comfort to make sure the other person is sleeping soundly. HEROES COME IN ALL SHAPES AND SIZES. Here are some of the thoughts that will go through your head when you’re doing your first adult sleepover!

1. Should I wash all my makeup off?

If you usually wear makeup around your bae, it might feel awkward to wash it all off in front of them. Just remember – you look beautiful without makeup, too!


2. I guess I’ll brush my teeth with my finger. . .

You’ll want to brush your teeth (because kissing!), but you don’t have a toothbrush. You’ll have to improvise. . . usually you’ll go the toothpaste-on-finger route.


3. I hope I don’t snore!

You’ve been sleeping alone, so you kinda sorta are nervous that you snore and just don’t know it. AND THAT WOULD BE HUMILIATING.


4. I wish I had more covers.

Sleeping over with someone new can become a fight for blankets. If it’s the first time, you might not feel comfortable grabbing the sheets away. Guess you’ll have to be a little chilly!


5. I want to cuddle, but I can’t sleep!

It’s hard to be all tangled up and still get your eight hours of ZZZs. You might have to politely say that you need your space (or else just lie there uncomfortably all night).


6. What if I have morning breath?!

You might panic a little bit thinking about waking up in the morning with awful breath and then having a makeup session. Don’t worry. . . literally everyone on the planet has morning breath.


7. I have to pee, but I don’t want to wake them up!

You’re a nice person, so you want your partner to get a good night sleep! When you need to get out of bed, you’ll turn into the ninja you never knew you were.


8. I can’t sleep naked!

You probably didn’t bring pajamas and you’re not used to sleeping naked. Sooooo. . . you either borrow a shirt or just deal with it!!  #thestruggleisreal


10. I hope I look good sleeping!

Let’s be honest. . . nobody really does!



Every time you wake up in a new place there are a few seconds of confusion!


12. OMG, their room is too hot/cold/stuffy/bright.

Hey, you’re just used to things the way they are at your place!


13. I hope they don’t catch me staring at them sleeping. . .

Because you’re gonna stare a little. . .


14. Should I stay for breakfast or do they need some space?


15. This is the best!


Really, getting to spend the night with someone you really care about is super fun. There may have been some awkward moments but you guys are much closer now!


What goes through your head when you sleep over with your bae? Let us know in the comments below!

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