17 Tweets That Every Girl Who Is Self-Conscious About Her Thighs Needs To See

I’m sensitive about my thighs. I’ve written about struggles that girls with big thighs go through. I’ve even written a body positive post about things girls with big things need to stop doing, like avoiding wearing shorts or assuming that thick thighs can only save lives if they’re super toned. And while I’m slowly but surely becoming more accepting of the jiggle of my thigh fat, I’m still working towards becoming even more confident about them.

But when it comes to body confidence, it’s important to remember that self-consciousness isn’t just about the size. There are folks out there who don’t have to worry about having big thighs, but are ultra sensitive about how prominent their stretch marks are. There are others with thighs that are covered in self-harm scars. That’s why I love that hashtag #thighreading, started by Twitter user princess_labia (great name, by the way), who just happened to notice that the stretch marks on her thighs reminded her of palm reading.

She encouraged other users to show off their thighs, too. I noticed a flurry of thighs fill my timeline over the past few days, and now I’m tempted to join in the action, too! NGL. Thighs, whether they tell a story or not, are something that none of us should be ashamed of. So if you feel some kind of way about yours, check out these 17 empowering #thighreading tweets.

TW: Self-harm and eating disorder mentions.


1. So here for this.


2. Eff body shaming, especially when we’re doing it to ourselves!


3. Empowerment and recovery can often go hand in hand.


4. Some marks are full of character.


5. For all you athletes out there…and/or bug bite haters.


6. Power to the jiggle!


7. Beyond powerful. Wow.


8. Proof that body positivity represents all sorts of stories


9. Show your stripes!


10. It’s seriously time to stop thinking that big thighs can’t be beautiful.


11. “Love it all.”


12. Haters all the way to the left.


13. Progress and bravery.


14. This is a work in progress for many of us, but a good reminder all the same.


15. Reppin team birth mark.


16. Remember to own it.


17. Whenever people act like Twitter hashtags are petty…think of this.


Are you self-conscious about stretch marks or scars? Have you grown more body positive after seeing so many online campaigns about body positivity? Tell us in the comments!

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    All thighs are thighs. LOVE ‘EM!