11 Disappointed Kanye West Reactions That Describe You After A Bad Hookup

Hooking up is great, except when it’s not. I wish nothing more for all of you to have fun and fabulous hookups, but sometimes that is not the case. Sometimes you have a really, really bad hookup. Things just don’t click, and you have zero sexual chemistry with the person.

Since Kanye West is always disappointed, he seemed like the best person to react to your bad hookup:

1. When you’re just like “I can’t believe that happened”:


2. When you’re know you’re better than that:

I mean…

3. When you don’t see the other person the same way anymore:

You were so promising.

4. When you are reflecting on your life choices post-hookup:

What is wrong with me?

5. When you’re with someone who won’t go down on you:

Excuse you.

6. When your friends ask you how it went and you’re just like:

I can’t even talk about it.

7. When the hookup pops up in your head and you have bad flashbacksL

Why me?

8. When your hookup contacts you afterwards:

I don’t know how to deal with this.

9. When your hookup asks how it was for you:

How do you think?

10. When you start wondering if you were the problem:


11. When the bad hookup asks if you want to do it again sometime:

Yeah, no.

What reactions do you have after a bad hookup? Tell us in the comments below!

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