7 Things You Never Knew Were Totally Wrong About Strict Parents

Even though I consider myself lucky to have grown up with super cool parents, they still had their strict moments. I also had a lot of friends with really strict parents who rarely let them do anything. I’m not a parent so I don’t know what it’s like to set rules for kids, but I’ve had several conversations with my mom about how difficult of a teenager I was.

If you have strict parents, it definitely gets better. And it’s important to know that they’re not trying to ruin your life:

1. That they don’t love their kids

Strict parents love their kids almost to a fault! Just because your parents won’t let you go out or borrow the car whenever you want doesn’t mean they don’t love you.

2. That they’re mean

Some strict parents can be mean, but some cool parents can be mean too. Don’t equate your parents having rules with being mean or being bad parents.

3. That they don’t want their kids to have fun

They do want you to have fun and enjoy being young, but sometimes parents just don’t know how to do that. Strict parents often have trouble allowing their kids to be independent. If your parents are really strict and you want some breathing room, it’s best to sit them down and talk to them. Explain that you feel like you’re missing out on important experiences!

4. That they’re out to get you

Strict parents aren’t strict because they’re trying to ruin their kids’ lives. No, really! They’re just trying to protect you and maybe are being over-protective.

5. That they smother their kids

I actually have plenty of friends with strict parents who rarely even spent time with them. They had a lot of rules to follow, but they weren’t constantly spending every waking moment with their parents.

6. That they were never cool

From the strict parents I’ve encountered, I’ve learned that the most strict parents were actually way too cool when they were younger. Maybe they were a bit out of control and did bad things when they were your age. That’s why they’re trying to make up for it now.

7. That they’re not understanding
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It’s a common misconception that parents aren’t understanding, but they are. Yes, even the strict ones. As a kid, you don’t think your parents get you and think they’re doing everything to ruin your life, which isn’t the case. If you feel like your parents are too strict or too overprotective, have a mature conversation with them about your feelings and concerns. That’s the best way to talk with any parent but especially strict ones.

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  • Hannah

    Even with all these stereotypes having strict parents is hard. Parents are either strict because they’re concerned for your safety or they don’t want to give their kids power. Plus research shows that kids who have strict parents and up depressed and have anxiety. There are kids who don’t feel good enough for their parents because they don’t exceed their parents high expectations and there are some that feel safe and uncomfortable talking to their parents about certain things. Some parents are strict to the point of abuse.

  • Limbo

    In my case, my parents really are horrible. One is an alcoholic and the other verbally abuses me and my brother constantly to our breaking point.