12 Regrets You Definitely Have About Your Crush

Having a crush can kind of be a total pain, especially if you’re crushing on someone from afar. Maybe you’ve never talked to this person before. Or maybe you have a secret crush on someone you’ve known for a long time. Regardless, crushes make you nervous, and you probably are afraid of your crush.

We’ve all been there, but don’t live your life in fear of rejection! Don’t live with these crush regrets:

1. Not talking to them when you have an opportunity

Just say hi!

2. Talking to them too much to the point where you feel like a stalker

Don’t stalk your crush. It’s not cute.

3. Sending mixed signals

You can’t read mixed signals, and neither can your crush!

4. Flirting with their friends to make them jealous


5. Thinking it’ll never happen with them

You don’t know that!

6. Or thinking your crush is “out of your league”

You ARE the league!

7. Changing who you are so your crush will like you

Never change yourself for someone else.

8. Lying to your crush about an interest and then having to keep up the lie

Don’t even lie about something small!

9. Not asking your crush for their number

Don’t be creepy about it, but ask them if you want it!

10. Being mean to your crush

This does not work!

11. Not asking your crush to hang out

It’s 2015! You can ask people out!

12. Not telling your crush how you feel about them

If you never tell them, they will never know! Do it!
What crush regrets do you have? Tell us in the comments below!
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