Ask A Guy: What Should You Get Your Boyfriend For Your Anniversary?

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Hi Joel,

My boyfriend and I are hitting our one-year anniversary in August, and I’m having a hard time coming up with what guys would like to receive for occasions such as this one. We’re currently in a long-distance relationship, and I’ll be in Arizona (where he lives) that weekend to visit. We’ve discussed dinner plans and dressing up, but what are some other practical things that couples do for their one-year anniversary? This is my first time having a relationship go on for this long so I have no experience in this field. Thanks for the help!

People put a ton of pressure on making anniversaries huge, out-of-this-world events, when in reality, they should be a more personal celebration of the bond between the two people involved. While gifts and extraordinary gestures are nice, be sure that you keep focus on the most important part: the love shared between you two.

If you’re in a long distance relationship, the fact that you’ll be together on that day will already make it special. I would just try to enjoy that time as much as you possible can. If you put together some elaborate plan, trying to pull that off might be a distraction from just being with each other. Instead of trying to do a ton of different things to make that day special, remember that just going for a walk together or cuddling quietly on the couch can be just as memorable.

Since you’re already planning to have a classy evening out, that will go a long way as well, since you’ll both be looking your best and can make the most out of being in the same city.

If you have your heart set on getting him some sort of physical gift, it needs to come from the heart. While that may seem cliché and unhelpful, it really means that it should be something he wouldn’t buy for himself, but you know he really wants. Think about his hobbies or the things you two have in common and that should lead you to some great ideas. It doesn’t need to be an expensive watch or some one-of-a-kind item. If you put real thought into the gift, that will show, as meaningful gifts are ALWAYS better than expensive gifts.

Don’t get too caught up in needing to buy the perfect gift. A relationship is about making memories and spending time together. Just remember that you only have a few days with one another, and you can always mail him something after the fact.

In short: your presence is your present.

Best of luck!


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