17 Freak Outs You’ll Have Before Starting Your Freshman Year Of College

If you’re heading off for college soon, congratulations! College has a lot of good things going for it. You’ll learn to be independent, you’ll have professors who will inspire you to see the world differently, and you’ll meet some of the coolest people you’ll ever have the privilege to know. Plus, no curfew. Holla!

But have all those pluses ever prevented any incoming freshman from freaking out over the big wide world of college? LOL, nope. Get ready for years of all nighters, weird make out sessions, crappy diets, and spending too much money on textbooks. And if you aren’t getting nervous about all of that just yet, let me guess, you’re having a fit over one of these seventeen things instead. Come on, admit it, this sounds way familiar.

1. Oh God, what if I shouldn’t have gone to this school? What if I made a huge mistake?


2. Would it be weird if I friended my roommate online before we meet IRL?


3. What if they’re the absolute worst, though?


4. At first the idea of having a blank slate in a new place seemed great because, ugh, high school. But now it’s totally terrifying.


5. What if the food blows?


6. Am I getting a little too intense pinning all these stupid pics for dorm room inspo or nah?


7. Um, I’m so going to get lost on this campus unless I memorize the map right here, right now.


8. Back to this roommate thing…would it be weird to stalk them on Instagram?


9. Am I ready to be away from home for so long?


10. How do I adult? Is this real adulthood? HOW DO I ADULT?


11. Yo, my wardrobe is still lookin’ so 2011.


12. LOL the price of my education is disgusting hahahaha. Why? Why? 




14. Should I brush up on some college classics before I go?

15. Oh God, I’m actually going to college. I feel so…old.


16. What if I end up with, like, zero friends though?

Source: Giphy

Source: Giphy


17. Well, if I fail out I can always take up a backup career as a professional Tumblr meme maker or something. Reach for the stars.


What college fears do you have? Have you gotten over any of them? Tell us in the comments!

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