7 Things That Will Make Your Yeast Infection Symptoms Worse

Whenever I hear my friends complaining about yeast infections, my heart goes out to them. Then, I immdiately get paranoid over whether or not I have a yeast infection and just don’t know it yet. And if I do have a yeast infection, what if I’m doing things that are making it worse without my knowledge. Ahhh!

Yeah, okay, maybe I’m getting ahead of myself a little bit, but still. We hear so much about ways to prevent getting yeast infections–cotton undies, proper vaginal hygiene, avoiding douching, etc–but we rarely hear about things that can unknowingly make your yeast infection worse. Well, here are seven things that will make your yeast infection symptoms seem even more hellish. Vagina owners, beware.


Step away from the sugar...just in case. Sugar might not have been the cause of your yeast infection, but it sure as hell isn't helping it, either. Why? Because sugar spikes your body's blood sugar levels, which increases your glucose. And if there's one thing that yeast in your body can't get enough of, it's glucose. This might sound gross but you're basically feeding your year infection if you're hunkering down on some sugary goodness.

You don't have to give it up forever, but until your yeast infection is cleared up you should avoid sugary meals.


Sexual Healing

Okay, sex won't inherently make your yeast infection worse, but it can majorly irritate symptoms such as vaginal itch and soreness. Also, you can give your yeast infection to your partner if you aren't using protection, male or female. So do yourself a favor and just give your vag a break until you're less cottage cheesy down there.



Do not put your cooch in a hot, relaxing bathtub at all until your yeast infection is cleared up. Not only can the perfumes up in your bubble bath mess liquid irritate your vag, you're also just submerging your bits in hot moisture for ages. That's...not good. Bad bacteria thrives in moist, warm conditions!

Even when your yeast infection goes away, it's important to know that baths can cause yeast infections for some people. So take them sparingly.

Harry Potter and the Goblet Of Fire

Not So Clean Sex Toys

Just like sexual activity with a partner, sex toys can cause vaginal pain and itch to flare up big time. And if your toy of choice isn't super sanitized? Yikes, watch out. Your vag is already a little out of whack, don't make it worse but smothering it with new bacteria.

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Your Trusty Panty Liner

Panty liners might make you feel more dry during and between periods, so it's funny that your panty liner can actually trigger moisture levels between your vag and your liner to skyrocket. Like I said before, yeast infections thrive in that kind of environment.

Yeah, I know, your discharge might be especially out of whack during a yeast infection. But just rock some cotton undies and deal with the mess later.


Those Ultra Tight Clothes You Wear

Whether it's your favorite skinnies or those undies that make your butt look rad...if they're too tight, your yeast infection will not be happy. All that constriction just heats up your vaginal area and keeps it yeasty for the long haul.

So here's what you should try instead: Don't wear undies that are too tight and wear loose fitting pants, shorts, skirts, or dresses until your yeast infection is under control. Plus, take time to air your vag! When you get home, take you undies off and just let it breathe!


Avoiding The Doctor

I know, I know, going to the doctor can be such a pain. But if you're self-diagnosing your yeast infection, you might be doing more harm than good. Whether you're using over the counter ingredients that you assume will fix the problem or you're trying some earthy remedies you found online, you need to go to a doctor and get the proper treatment plan.

You want to know another reason why this is important? Well, you might not even have a yeast infection at all. You could just be paranoid about your discharge and try so many remedies that you might just irritate your vag and trigger a yeast infection accidentally or you could have another vaginal issue entirely. Please, just...go to a doctor, dude.



Have you ever had a yeast infections? What remedies worked for you? Tell us in the comments!

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