Quiz: Is Your BFF Trying To Break Up With You?

There’s really not anything quite as devastating as a best friend breakup, is there? If you’ve ever gone through one of these, you’ll know how rough it is–with a typical relationship breakup, at least you know that you have your best friend who will cry and eat ice cream and watch sad movies with you. When you break up with a BFF, suddenly you’re doing that alone. And it’s hard.


This is especially hard if the breakup isn’t exactly mutual–more of a “getting dumped” situation rather than a “breaking up” one. While this can definitely blindside you, there are often some early signs that your best friend is trying to break up. Is your BFF trying to dump you? Find out with this quiz: 


Have you ever gone through a BFF breakup? What signs did they give you? Let us know in the comments below!

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