7 Slang Words For Underwear That Will Make You Uncomfortable

I was talking to one of my friends who recently went shopping. She was telling me about new underwear she bought, but she whispered it. I asked why she whispered “underwear” because I thought that was weird, and she explained that we were in public so she didn’t want people to know she was talking about it. Huh. I mean… I never thought of underwear as being an offensive term, but maybe I’m wrong.

Anyway, I was thinking about slang terms for underwear so I could let her know since she’s so embarrassed to utter the word. However, I only came across terms that were even worse. Check out these terms for women’s underwear that will make you uncomfortable:

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15 weird slang terms for female masturbation that will make you cringe

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  • Kellia

    I’m in New Zealand and we alalways say knickers