25 #GrowingUpGay Tweets That Any Gay Teen Can Relate To

Recently, #GrowingUpGay started trending on Twitter. Not only are the tweets beyond hilarious, they also shed some light on the struggles of growing up gay in today’s world. Having to hide who you really are is a painful way to live your teenage years. The fact that so many people are able to find humor in the situation and share that over social media is truly commendable.

It turns out, Twitter is good for things besides one liners and talking to your favorite celebrities – it can actually make our world a better place! The #GrowingUpGay tweets help straight people understand what it’s like to be gay and also help gay people feel less alone. Here are some of the best tweets with this hashtag and what we can learn from them:

1. You have to hold your tongue.

2. Sometimes you feel like a spy.

3. Talking about your significant other can be problematic.

4. Being around family is very hard.

5. You’re afraid to make it public.

6. Sleepovers were awesome.

7. Straight people try to flirt with you.

8. It leads to embarrassing situations in class.

9. You get asked if you’re gay a lot.

10. Crushes on straight people are a thing that happens.

11. Parents assume their children aren’t gay.

12. Locker rooms are great.

13. You don’t want to make it obvious.

14. You’re constantly afraid of being found out.

15. Kids are cruel.

16. Being expected to act a certain way.

17. Your close friends don’t even know.

18. Parents don’t get it.

19. Friends don’t get it.

20. You want to talk about gay rights but also don’t want to get caught.

21. You have to keep your feelings to yourself.

22. People ask you about your sexuality.

23. Church was awkward.

24. You might lie a little bit.

25. You have to deal with haters.

What do you think it’s like #GrowingUpGay? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • EvaMarie Adame

    Oh my gosh YES!!! These are all the struggles!

    • Ash Rose

      Hi there! I’m a closeted (to my parents) homosexual teenage girl. We seem to share a lot of interests. Obviously, I can’t “friend” you on Disqus, so do you mind giving me your Gurl.com username? Don’t do it if you don’t want to, though.