15 Signs You’re Actually A Really Good Third Wheel

If you ask me, the art of being a third wheel gets an unfairly bad rap. What’s better than getting to hang out with your friend AND their SO without anyone else there to distract you? Nothing, that’s what.

Perhaps I am getting a little cocky because I myself happen to be an supremely great third wheel. Much like Peter Alden, whose excellent third-wheeling Instagram account you’ve probably seen already, I have been the third person on many a romantic evening, date, and getaway. It’s a beautiful thing–and it’s nothing to be ashamed of! Check out these 15 signs to find out if you, too, are actually a really great third wheel.

1. You enjoy the CONCEPT of couples and relationships, but would personally rather be single yourself.


Third-wheeling gives you the best of both worlds!

2. You often find yourself in what others would strictly consider a “couples-only” situations.

Via huffingtonpost.com

Via huffingtonpost.com

Movies, dinners, dates. You name it, you’re there.

3. All of your school dance pictures look like this:

Via viralands.com

Via viralands.com

4. Or this:

Via awkwardfamilyphotos.com

Via awkwardfamilyphotos.com

5. PDA doesn’t bother you the way it used to.


Now, it’s all background.

6. Although you obviously aren’t above photobombing any kissing photos your friends might take, either.

Via buzzfeed.com

Via buzzfeed.com

Whatever. It’s funny.

7. You know exactly how to time everything.


You must be VERY present when you are there, but know the right moment to dip out when things start getting *~physical~* with your friend and their bae.

8. You’ve moved on to advanced levels of being the odd number in the group–the fifth wheel, perhaps, or maybe even the seventh wheel. 

Just like Karlie.

9. You’ve third-wheeled in a multiplicity of different forms–in person, yes, but also on Skype and FaceTime.


This is the digital age, after all–you can’t just third wheel IRL.

10. You might have ended up as the third person in a couple’s costume.


You made sure people knew you were separate, though. The third wheel flies alone.

11. If someone asks you what your favorite romantic memory is, it usually involves a couple other than yourself.


You were definitely there, though.

12. You’ve considered “professional third wheel” as your career choice when people ask you what you want to be when you grow up. 


You’re just so good at it!

13. You are FANTASTIC at mediating the average lovers’ quarrel.


No one said third-wheeling came easy.

14.  You have often found yourself thinking that you didn’t choose the third wheel life–the third wheel life chose you. 



15. You’re totally going to make this article your status and tag your favorite couple in it–because you’re all just so cute together. 


I love us.


Did the third wheel life choose you, too? What makes you so good at it? Let us know in the comments below!

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