17 #GrowingUpShy Tweets That Every Single Shy Girl Will Relate To

If you consider yourself to be pretty shy, you probably hate things that seem normal to other people. Like speaking to new people or having to speak in class or, uh, just speaking in general. Ew.

Fortunately for all of us shy people, the internet exists–meaning that you can talk to people without actually having to, you know, talk. That’s probably why the hashtag #GrowingUpShy went crazy on Twitter this weekend–all those shy people together, anything can happen! Check out the best #GrowingUpShy tweets from this weekend that perfectly sum up what life is like for every shy girl:

1. Surprise group projects–the ultimate classroom struggle.

2. HAHA yes, you’re the first person who’s said this to me.

3. #nOPE #goodbye

4. POTENTIALLY the only thing worse than a surprise group project. 

5. Like, why do other people talk to other people at all? I don’t get it? 

6. Oh, hi! Nice to meet you too. I definitely haven’t stalked you online before.



9. Especially aggravating if the person who says the right answer is also someone you can’t stand. 


11. Friends’ parents. So nice. So scary.

12. But, like, actually. HOW.

13. IF ONLY.

 14. Haha, nice try.

15. It’s so hard!!

16. *melts into the earth, never to be seen or heard from again*

17. What? I just don’t like being first.

Are you super shy? What was your favorite #GrowingUpShy tweet? Share this with your other shy friends and let us know in the comments below!

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