10 Reasons Why Dating In Summer Is Actually The Worst

Summertime and the living is easy! No school, time by the pool, you develop a tan, any reason to eat ice cream is a good one, and it stays light out long enough to fill your day with awesome activities before enjoying summer nights illuminated by fireflies.

The living may be easy, but dating in the summer is hard. Summer is often considered “hook up season” because it’s known for casual flings with no strings attached that will end before the next school bell rings. We’ve all seen Grease, right? Sandy and Danny’s relationship ended up rekindling during the school year, but I disagree with their classic “summer loving, had me a blast” jingle, however catchy it may be. Here are 10 reasons why dating in the summer is actually the worst.

1. Sweat


When the temperature goes up, so does your need for deodorant. When it’s hot out, you worry your cute new first date dress will get pit stains, and what if he tries to kiss you and your upper lip sweat gets on his face?


2. Shaving


Winter means pants, which means no one knows how long it’s been since you’ve shaved your legs. With summer comes shorts, and suddenly your leg hair is visible to all. If you don’t feel the need to shave, more power to you! But for many, summer means shaving, which just adds an extra step when getting ready for a date.


3. Sand


What could ruin a day with your boo on the beach? Those itty bitty, nitty gritty grains of sand that get, well, everywhere. All of a sudden your adorable picnic lunch is not so edible.


4. Sticking together

stuck with sweat

Have you ever tried to share a beach towel, lounge chair, or hammock with a cute boy when it’s hot out? The squelching noise when you separate your sticky bodies is enough to ruin the mood for anyone.


5. “Bikini body”


The notion that a desirable “bikini body” even exists is a misguided one, but many girls feel the pressure to conform to a certain image. Who needs this added pressure when trying to get their flirt on?


6. Mosquitos


Note to self: you can avoid awkward moments by smacking mosquitos only on your own body, not on the body of the cute boy next to you at the bonfire.


7. Making plans


Being out of school can seem like the biggest blessing of summer, yet you can no longer run into your crush in the hallway and casually inquire about his weekend plans. You now have to put in the effort of actually texting or calling, or you can walk the dog past his house multiple times a day in hopes that at some point he’ll put down the video game and actually be outside for a, “Oh, I wasn’t expecting to see you!” moment.


8. Tanlines


You were planning to wear your sexy little backless dress out Friday night, but that tanline you got from the killer monokini you wore on Wednesday just won’t allow it.


9. Messy food


Every awesome summer food is messy or awkward to eat: popsicles, ice cream, watermelon, hot dogs, cherries with pits—admit it, there’s no graceful way to eat corn on the cob. If he invites you to a BBQ, you’ll just have to settle for potato chips, or plan to have him wipe food off your face at least once.


10. The very concept of “hookup season” 

rolling eyes

If it’s a season of flings, does that mean that’s all anyone is looking for? Is that what he wants? Is that what you should want? What does it mean that you’re hanging out? Will he still talk to you when you go back to school in the fall? Thinking about the “rules” of summer hook ups are enough to make anyone want to swear off dating for the whole season.


Do you think dating in the summer is the worst? What did we forget? Tell me in the comments!


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