15 Things You Should Never Ever Do To Your Best Friend

The best friend relationship is a really special one. Your bestie is the person you go to for everything. You tell them your deepest secrets, get their input on outfits, and vet their significant others. Having a BFF is great, and you’re probably more like sisters than friends. You’re always there for each other and have a bond others are jealous of.

But you can easily ruin your friendship by doing the following:

1. Talk about her behind her back

You shouldn’t do this about anyone, but especially not your BFF!

2. Lie to her

Nope. You should always be honest to your bestie!

3. Forget her birthday
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That’s the worst.

4. Judge her

Tell her if you think she did something wrong, but don’t judge her for it.

5. Spill her secrets

Best friend secrets are the most sacred.

6. Ask her to do something shady for you

You know she’ll do it, but don’t put your BFF in a bad situation.

7. Post an embarrassing picture of her online without her approval


8. Choose a guy over her

Friends first.

9. Steal her crush


10. Hold a grudge after a fight

If the fight is over, move along.

11. Show up late when you’re supposed to hang out

She’ll understand, but it’s annoying.

12. Act like a different person when you hang out with other people

Who are you right now, honestly?

13. Get jealous of her other friends

Just because you’re best friends doesn’t mean you both aren’t allowed to have other friends!

14. Make fun of her

Source: Giphy

Source: Giphy

There’s a difference between joking around with your friend and being mean and blatantly making fun of her.

15. Smother her
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Best friends don’t have to spend all of their time together. You still have your own separate lives! Let each other breathe a little!

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