10 Embarrassing Questions About Bikini Waxing, Answered

I got my first Brazilian wax a little over a year ago, and I haven’t turned back since then. As someone who hates shaving with a passion but also doesn’t love body hair, waxing down there was the perfect solution. After months of getting my hair ripped out from my genitals, I’m pretty comfortable with the whole process by now. But trust me: before I started, I was horrified by the mere thought of stripping off my underwear and spreading my legs to a random girl who was going to be all up in my business.

Whether you’re getting a bikini wax or a full-on Brazilian, I’m sure a million thoughts are going through your mind – and probably none of them are good. If you’re embarrassed to ask this stuff to anyone else, have no fear: I’m here to answer your questions and try to make things easier. You can do whatever you want with your pubes, but if you want to try waxing, you should start reading. Here are 10 embarrassing questions about bikini waxing, answered: 

What If You Smell? Or Look Weird?

Stuff is always going on down by your vag, which is why it can be really awkward to have a stranger all up in it. I totally get why you would worry about the smell or what it looks like, but honestly, you don't have to. The person who is waxing you willingly signed up to do a job that requires them to touch and look at vaginas all day long. They've seen it all. They don't look at "perfect" vaginas all day and judge the "imperfect" ones. They literally don't care because it's part of their job.

If you're worried about the smell, there is stuff you can do. As a courtesy, shower or clean yourself up before going to your appointment. Don't go in there after a sweat session at the gym. If you don't have time to shower, at least use warm water to clean yourself up. And that's really it!

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How Close Does The Waxer Actually Get To Your Parts?

Uh, pretty damn close. I mean, they're removing hair down there, so they need to see what they're doing. Here's what goes down: you'll sit with your legs in a butterfly position, so you're REALLY spread eagle. They don't shove their faces in there, but they are looking at your vag while applying wax. Then, after they pull the wax off, some of them will hold their hand against it to help with the pain. It does help with the pain, but it kind of feels weird to have a stranger's hand down there.

Some waxers also go the extra mile and get rid of ingrown hairs that are down there. I once had a waxer literally bend her face down and pull out little ingrown hairs for, like, more than five minutes. So, yeah... they see everything.

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What Do You DO While Getting Waxed?

I mean, there's not much to do. When I'm getting waxed, I usually try to talk to my waxer. I go to one girl a lot, so by now I kind of know her and we just chat about work and going out and stuff. I find that talking to the waxer not only makes things a little more comfortable, but it also helps distract you from the pain.

Of course, you don't need to make small talk. If you just want the whole process to be over, close your eyes and focus on thinking about something, anything, else. If you're 100 percent focused on the wax, it's going to be a lot more painful and difficult.

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What If You Wait Really Long Between Appointments And It's Like A Forest Down There?

Eh, it happens. Honestly, going in with a full bush of hair is not the worst thing in the world. Again, remember that waxers are people who signed up for a job involving pubic hair. They deal with it for a living. The only thing I'll say is that a lot of pubic hair will make for a more painful wax. They'll obviously need to wax more, so it will take longer and there's more pulling happening. If you haven't shaved or waxed in a long time, you can trim the hair before you go. Just take a pair of scissors or clippers and trim it down! But if you don't have time to do that, don't stress.

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What's The Real Deal With The Pain?

This is the question everyone wants to know the answer to whenever I tell them that I get Brazilian waxes. It was the question I was the most obsessed with too, so I totally get it.

I'll be honest with you guys: it hurts. It really freakin' hurts to have the pubic hair ripped out of one of the most sensitive areas of your body. Sometimes the pain is worse, and it makes my whole body flinch while I wonder why I am doing this to myself. Sometimes the waxer goes to rip it off, and you prepare for it, and then they don't rip it hard enough so they have to do it twice and it's like OMG WHY ARE YOU TORTURING ME. If you're getting a Brazilian, the absolute worst part is when they do the inside of the vaginal lips. Once they do that middle strip, the worst is over.

But honestly, it's not that horrible. The worst pain lasts for a few seconds as the wax strip is being ripped off. After that, it just feels sore. And before that, the hot wax actually feels quite nice. If it's done right, it only feels sore for a little bit - just don't have sex or exercise after, and wear loose clothing. You can make the pain more manageable by taking Tylenol 30 minutes before you go.

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How The Heck Do You Feel Comfortable Getting Naked In Front Of A Stranger?

I don't know, man. The first time I walked into my first wax appointment, I was so nervous and didn't know what to expect. When I got in the room, my waxer was like, "Okay, take your pants and underwear off." I was like, "Oh, okay, this is just... happening. This is happening." I felt SO awkward being naked from the waist down, but I just did it.

I still feel awkward about it, but I just try to remind myself that these waxers see people this naked every single day. Then I try to think about other things. I never feel 100 percent comfortable, I just feel okay. I think it's something you have to get used to. And if you can't imagine doing it, that's okay! You don't have to get a wax!

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Okay, But What About The Butt Part?

This is the second question I get whenever I tell people I get Brazilian waxes. If you're getting a bikini wax, you don't need to worry about the butt part because that doesn't happen. It only happens with a Brazilian wax.

ANYWAY. I was super nervous about the butt part too. I know that some waxers have you flip over and get on all fours, like a doggy-style position, and I felt very vulnerable about that. Thankfully, the waxers at the wax place I go to (European Wax Center) just make you hug your knees to your chest, which is a much more comfortable position. The first time it happened, I expected a lot of pain. But I was shocked to find that the butt strip doesn't hurt at all. Actually, you barely feel it. That's because there aren't as many nerve endings there. It's no big deal!

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What's Actually Happening With Waxing? Is It Really Better Than Shaving?

Okay, so here's the deal with waxing down there versus shaving: Waxing pulls the hair out from the root, while shaving removes the hair from the top of the skin. When you wax, it takes longer for the hair to grow back, and when it does grow back, it often comes in thinner. When you shave, the hair will start growing back faster and it will grow in the same as before. I can go two weeks between waxes with no problem. I can barely go two days between shaving.

That's one benefit of waxing over shaving. The other benefit is that waxing regularly can even stop hair from growing at all. It will never stop it altogether, but if you've been waxing for a while, you'll notice there are little spots where hair doesn't even grow back.

Is waxing better than shaving? I think this is a personal opinion. Waxing has it's negative sides too - it can lead to more ingrown hairs, it's painful, it's expensive, if you go to a place that doesn't clean enough it can lead to infections, etc. So it really depends on what you want!

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Is It Possible To Do It Yourself?

It's definitely possible to give yourself a bikini or Brazilian wax. Is it a good idea? Not really. I would never recommend it. Guys, it hurts to wax down there! I can't imagine doing it to myself - I wouldn't be able to get through it. If you think you can, go for it. But since this is such a sensitive thing, I think it's better to leave this one to the professionals.

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What If You See Your Waxer Out In Public?

I guess I could see how this could be awkward, but I don't know - I personally wouldn't care. If you do care though, just avoid them. You don't have to say hi. My waxer told me that she never makes the move to say hi to her patients in a pubic setting because she doesn't want to make them uncomfortable, so she leaves it up to them. Up to you!

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Now watch this video about all the things you forgot to ask about waxing:

How do you feel about waxing down there? Would you ever do it? What did I forget to include? Tell me in the comments.

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    It really is not a big deal to get waxed down there. After several appointments, I can say I don’t feel awkward and it feels normal. Actually, after the first time I felt like that. The waxer does that every single day. My waxer told me that she doesn’t even remember what other’s people’s bikini areas looks like after she’s done. So, yeah it is completely normal.