15 Horrible Things That Happen When You Have Acne

Having acne really, really sucks. I thought once I became an adult, I wouldn’t have to deal with acne anymore. But now I’m dealing with adult acne. I don’t want to say it’s worse, but people just expect your skin to be perfect as an adult so it’s weird. While my skin has been relatively tame lately, even my dermatologist is at a loss for what to do next because I’ve literally tried every treatment there is.

It just sucks. If you have acne, you know how hard it is to deal with. And you’ve definitely experienced the following:

1. It’s painful.

Especially if you get a cyst. UGH.

2. You spend hours agonizing over your skin.

You can’t help it.

3. You pick and pop even though you know you’re not supposed to.


4. You’re scared to let people see you without makeup.


5. But you’re worried that wearing makeup is making your skin worse.

(It’s not.)

6. Your face peels and flakes from the products you’re using to zap your zits.

So annoying.

7. Some acne medication can really affect you.

Hello headaches.

8. People feel the need to comment on your skin.

Yesterday I actually had someone ask me what happened to my face. So that was fun.

9. Or tell you about treatment methods.

Thanks, tried that.

10. Sometimes you avoid doing things because you’re so insecure about your skin.

A bad skin day can really make you feel awful.

11. You worry that everyone is looking at your blemishes.

Even though they probably don’t notice them.

12. Sometimes it hurts to wash your face or apply topicals.

It burns!

13. Your face gets red.

And puffy.

14. You can get depressed about your skin.
depressed gif

Don’t let anyone tell you “It’s just acne” because it’s not.

15. You’re worried it’s never going to go away.

This is probably the worst thing.

Do you have acne? What’s the worst part about it for you? Tell us in the comments below!
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