13 Reasons Why You’ll Want Amandla Stenberg To Be Your BFF

So, Amandla Stenberg has been consistently rad. This isn’t new information, but it’s more obvious now than ever. But people respond to so many of her acts of awesome–bringing awareness to the Black Lives Matter movement, speaking up about cultural appropriation, being the badass feminist that she is–with anger and ignorance. Homegirl gets so much hate and backlash for the most inane reasons. Remember when she got all that hate for daring to be black and playing Rue, a black character, in the first Hunger Games movie? I know, it seems like ancient history now, but it’s hard to forget that level of stupidity.

Most recently, people have lost their minds over Amandla respectfully commenting on Kylie Jenner’s culturally appropriative cornrows…only to deal with backlash and race relations expert, Justin Bieber, rushing to Kylie’s defense. Next, Andy Cohen of Watch What Happens Live called Amandala a “jackhole” on national television.

What…is wrong with everybody? Is there something in the water? Oh, wait, I guess this is life as young black woman in the spotlight. People love tearing us apart.
At the end of the day, Amandla comes out on top because this 16-year-old girl sticks to her guns with an eloquence and grace that grown adults wish they had. Yeah, I know, stanning levels are high right now, but it’s so great to see teen girls out there defying BS stereotypes of teen girl aloofness and chronic IDGAF syndrome. As if.Anyway, if you somehow need more convincing of amandala’s brilliance then you’re going to have to get familiar with these 13 rad Amandala moments. You’re going to wish she was your BFF in, like, two seconds.

1. She is all about black girl magic.

shout out to all ladies of color as this black history month comes to a close

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2. She isn’t afraid to send us all to school and tell us about cultural appropriation.



3. She represents the realest of squad goals in the most down to earth way.


4. Oh, she also plays the violin! In her own band. 

with my woe (by @kiddo.tula)

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Okay but I play piano so…can I…you know?


5. She tempted every black girl in the universe to pick up some silver hair at the beauty supply shop…and find a comparable Jaden Smith stand in.

to all my loves: thanks for a great night

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6. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind, regardless of how much BS controversy will come her way.


7. She is invested in black women 100 percent.


8. She’s hilarious AF.


9. Her outfit choices are probably a blessing just to be around. Just a guess.


A photo posted by amandla (@amandlastenberg) on

10. She knows good soul food when she sees it.



11. She’s been handling racist BS since she was 13-years-old and knows how to swerve drama if need be.

Amandla Stenberg On Rue Racist Controversy

12. Everything about this tweet.


13. And at the end of the day, she just comes across as a super chill teen girl who is effortlessly cool. 

no rue jokes plz. when u and @petrafcollins shooting and a 10 year old tells u to get off their lawn

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Basically, we need more Amandla types in our lives, but following the real deal on social media is the next best thing.


What do YOU love about Amandla? And what do you think of all the controversy people needlessly put her through? Tell us in the comments!

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  • QueenBri

    I love her, as of reccent! The best type of celebrities are the ones that have strong opinions on issues that (should) matter to everyone. Even though I’m a year older, I really admire and look up to her.

  • Peace

    To be so young and aware of her cultural identity needs to be taken in account by every educator; moms, dads, and teachers alike and applied to their minority students or sons and daughters.

    I’m so thrilled to see the young people of this generation standing up for their black identity and becoming aware of what is happening to our culture and the history we’ve created beyond the 28 days of Black History Month. People like Amandla, Azealia Banks, and even MTV, with their awareness of white privilege, are educating the young blacks of America and I could not be any more proud.

    Check out MTV’s satirical commercial “White Squad” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6JrJFJs0GA or visit their website http://www.whitesquad.com or call at 1(855) 948-7723